Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Land Pirates Of Sarawak & Their Chief Mahalanun Taib Mahmud

Land Pirates Of Sarawak robs NCR lands
Posted by Chief pirate is none other than our CM Taib Mahmud on December 02, 2008 at 03:16:44:

Native Lands Grabbed Systematically By Land Pirates Of Sarawak

By Pribumi Sarawak

YB Lim Kit Siang,

In Sarawak NCR lands are ignored and not respected, in the name of politics of development, which will make the rich richer and the poor natives poorer. The big developments are owned by shareholders who are already rich and Taib Mahmud’s cronies with the revenues / profits being shared among these few shareholders.

Their politics of development is to enrich themselves, and is based on self interest and great greed. Now they have deforested the Rajang forests – no more timber to harvest, so they go for native lands whether Temuda, Pemakai Menoa, Pulau etc, they simply don’t care.

Taib is nearing the end of his term now and is in the process of creating a dynasty in Sarawak. His son will take over PBB, become President & thereafter CM of Sarawak. For the transition period, he may place his YB brother to take over. The manipulations, self-interest & greed will continue. The village people in Sarawak, most of them having no formal education will still vote for Taib coz support of the rural areas with cash in election time will be on-going. Taib is the great manipulator & has a vast number of cronies here.

They have felled all the timber in Sarawak. Now they go for native land. For land, they make use of the Sarawak Land & Survey Department (SLSD) to get land as they wish. They just walk in to any SLSD office and choose which land area they want. Form a company for the purpose. Then the company will apply for the land. The application will be processed/approved. They will comply with all procedures kononnya, but with their ill-intention all things have actually been pre-arranged & pre-fixed up.

Then SLSD will survey the land area, give notice through the newspapers with description of land the village people will certainly not recognise or be aware of. The procedure is legalized & provisional land title is issued by SLSD to the company. They legalized the taking of native land which is actually outright robbery. They are robbers & pirates!!

They won’t inform the affected villagers as they don’t want them to know until it is too late. Unlike the good intention of getting people's land for genuine purposes of building bridges, roads, infrastructures etc, the villagers were informed and notices sent to kampungs & long houses for them to stake claims, but for the purpose of land acquisition for some companies and done in secrecy. It was the other way round.

They confuse people by saying the government never grab people's land. True but only for those genuine purposes for public amenities but not for the purpose of land to be given to their companies. That’s the difference here. They confuse the people here with this saying by YB Awang Tengah that the government never take people's land!! What a liar. The villagers will never be informed of their evil intention and the company will be sending bulldozers & tractors on to the newly acquired land. When they see bulldozers, tractors etc only then the natives will know.

The villagers will lodge complaints to SLDS, District Office, Police, YBs - the answer is the land acquisition is already legal, nothing much can be done!!! The advice given was “you all (villagers) need to negotiate with the company, minta kasihan mereka!!!! Imagine your own property - your land grabbed by the eagles then minta kasihan. What right do they have?

That’s the damning reply. That’s Taib’s administration here. He has hijacked all government institutions to his personal behest. Since they have no one to turn to, so the natives will try to stop the bulldozing of their rubber gardens, farms, empty land which is their “temuda” & “pemakai menoa” themselves. They have no money to fight this legally. Even then they can hardly win coz here all their land purportedly belongs to the state government.

The onus of proof is on the natives. In actual fact it should be those people who are taking native land to prove that the land is indeed not NCR. Our ancestors all have died, there has been no documentation in the 1900s just NCR status accorded by the land code.

Here natives are not allowed to survey their NCR land but the government can. Even if natives want to survey their NCR land first they need to prove that the land is planted 90%+ with crops, ok fair enough, then provided also that the area is not earmarked for development. Even then the SLSD will not give land titles to natives.

You know the SLSD, state government has been hijacked by the pirates, and Taib is the one-eyed pirate leader here. He is worst than the Somalian pirates. The rich and influential shareholders will have a very big piece of land for 60 years or more…which is not theirs in the first place. The few rich shareholders will have millions in revenues/profits.

So YB, this is happening everywhere in Sarawak now, natives are being evicted from their land now. Let me give you one of the real scenarios going on now at Serian under Muara Tuang DUN constituency (Taib’s brother) which is under Kota Samarahan Parliament constituency (Taib’s son). They have plundered native land there now under their proxies.

One of the NCR areas was given to Usaha Jasamaju Sendirian Berhad, company number 660630-K. locality of land: between Batang Samarahan and Ensengei Road, Serian. Area:354.00000 Ha, more or less convert to Mixed Zone land from 6/12/2006-5/12/2066. Lot number 00890, map sheet number: N5-13-1(5.1) TRN: 08-LCPLS-016-000-00890, Prov. Lease of state land - C. Remarks: Alienation of Land vide L.&S.80 No.69/2006, Svy. Job No.125/2006, DLS’s approval ref: 15/HQ/AL?103/2005(8D) dated 19.10.2006 & SLS’s ref: 15/SD.Doss.NO.AL/34/2006 issued at the request of Ting Tiu Gung.

The village people who have been staying there since generations even before the Sarawak Government existed were never informed nor consulted - what more to be invited to have some shares and together participate to develop the land there.

When the SLSD surveyed the areas for 1 month more or less, it was done in total secrecy. When the village people asked them, no one would talk or answer. If there was any answer they would lie to them. Now they are bulldozing peoples’ land, rubber trees, etc. with no regard to the rights of the natives who actually own the land. They bersikap kurang ajar!!

Please YB, help address the issues of land belonging to the natives in Sarawak urgently, a lot of lands have now being plundered and taken from them right under their noses for Taib’s richness, his cronies’ self-gains, and their greed at the expense of natives. This is only one case, there are many more. More tears of natives befall the land now.

The state government institutions have been totally hijacked by Taib & his cronies here. He has totally made use of this opportunity through his position. A good example is the land described above. Now they are bulldozing the land, rubber trees, temuda, pemakai menoa, pulau without regard to people's feelings as fellow human beings - the villagers are helpless now.

Bring this native land issue up to the attention of the whole country - so that the nation knows what Taib is doing here!!! He has hijacked the State Government for his own greed.

Do something now YB. Don’t be too busy with Semenanjung politics only.

Thank you, YB. God bless you.


United States Of All-Borneo said...

I, hereby declare a fatwa, that whoever kill Taib and Sulaiman,by 'X', will be reserved a place in heaven.

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Let Heads Roll!!!! NGAYAU!!!!

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Awang tanah ??? This guy also play the dirty game.Let change his name to "Wang Tanah" Agree ??? Beware with this pirate..come from somalia.