Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Syed Hamid Alblur Will Protect You Under ISA.

Botak, I Need Your Omnipotent Protection!

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Anonymous said...


This man is a real SCAM! HIs later father Jaafar Albar is notorious as "The Lion of UMNO".

-Remenber PI Bala - he said he did not know where he is,

-Utusan Melayu reported Khir Toyo in his blog that Teresa Kok initiated petition to lower microphone fro AZAN. But did she?

-Mufti of Perak incite Muslim to come to one of the churches in Perak that there wa going to be mass conversion. It was a confirmation ceremony of Catholic children.

He is a headache for AAB or is AAB is a party (AAB is face of a HOLY MAN but what is inside of HIM?)

Mufti of Perlis is against ISA, Koh Su Khoon, Ong Ka Ting, Kayveas, Samy V and even UMNO Ministers.

Zaid resigned - a very principle man @ least as I see it now.

NO NO NO UMNO should exist to rule this country as long as Najib, Hisham, Ahmad, Khairy, Ibrahim Ali(Indepedant MP Big mouth) and many more.