Monday, September 1, 2008

George Chan Finally Admits It!!!

"Rural areas in Sarawak are far behind the other states in terms of even the most basic facilities," George Chan, as reported in the Sunday Star, 31.August.2008.

So what have they been doing all this while, in the 45 years since the formation of Malaysia? Is this an acknowledgement of the BN's long neglect of Sarawak's rural areas and the failure of Taib's "politics of development"?

In the next posting, Sarawak Headhunter will reveal who was responsible for giving up Sarawak's petroleum resources to the Malayans.


chapchai said...

George knows his days are numbered and so are those of his party, SUPP. Remarks like this are mere tokens. Look at Gerakan in W. Malaysia. They are now leaping up and down over an UMNO MP calling the Chinese in Malaysia "squatters". But they are partly responsible for this happening. So I shouldn't get too excited over what George says from now on. He is merely mouthing words which have good sound bytes but doesn't really have the will nor the authority to do anything about it. Call him a leader? Huh, and my name is JFK.

Anonymous said...

SUPP would have been reduced to Gerakan if NOT for the Dayak MPs and ADUNs. The Chinese rejected the party BUT cling to Dayak wakil rakyaat to stay in power. Take out the Dayaks from the equation, SUPP would be in a political wilderness!

In a similar vein, PBB rides on Pesaka wakil rakyaat to stay as BN-Sarawak backbone. Take out Pesaka from the equation, what would be the scenario? Now the godfather UMNO is in shamble with PR gaining ground.

Give DSAI a fighting chance to change the political @ Federal Level. I bet CHANGE will blow over in Sarawak. I got a strong feeling that the status of DAYAKs would be elevated higher than what we have now.


Think of your future generation - landless,office boys in civil service, deprived of scholarship, stated as "others" in gov't official forms, reduced to "beggars' in the street, and on and on and on ...

CT Choo said...

Read this piece by MacLean Patrick entitled, Budget 2009 - Not So Friendly To Sarawak's Longhouse Folks at

Malaysia Digest said...

Don't blame GC. He's a Chinese city boy and kampongs are not his territories.

There are plenty of Dayak leaders who did went to the rural but their eyesight are poor so they cannot spot if the the rural areas are develop or not.

AND, there are also times that YB went to kampong for functions. How to see things in the dark.

Malaysia Digest

Anonymous said...

I am not anti YBs but i agree with malaysia digest.
Most Dayaks YBs only care for themselves although there are a few good one.
No wonder as a majority the Dayaks can't lead the state.