Monday, July 14, 2008

Is the PM a Total Moron?

Headlines in NST: July 13, 2008

"PM: Everyone can succeed in Malaysia"

"If the old strategy was focused on the equal distribution of wealth, the new strategy is to distribute quality opportunities to all races in this country."

Everyone can succeed in Malaysia? What does that mean? Why are so many Malaysians disgruntled then if such an opportunity exists for all? Who is the PM trying to fool with such an assertion? Is he a total moron? Or does he think all of us are complete morons?

Strategy? What old strategy and what new strategy?

Equal distribution of wealth? What kind of strategy is that and did it ever happen or were the BN politicians more equal than other Malaysians? Were the Malayans more equal than Sarawakians and Sabahans?

Weren't the petroleum resources of Sarawak and Sabah siphoned off with the connivance or at least tacit approval of their own BN leaders and traitors to finance the over-development of Malaya and the extravagance, mismanagement and misgovernance at the expense of these 2 states?

What new strategy of distribution of quality opportunities to all races?

Will it be so easy for UMNO to get rid of its "Ketuanan Melayu" mentality? Will the Malayan Malays really care about the fate of Sarawakians and Sabahans? Have they ever cared at all or did they just want to get their hands on the wealth of these states for their own selfish agendas?

Will they ever change?

What do they really know of Sarawak and Sabah, and in fact do they really want to know Sarawak and Sabah?

Everyone can succeed in Malaysia indeed! Please tell that to the Penans and every other native of Sarawak who have been chased off their land in the name of Taib Mahmud's "politics of development" and the BN's "New Economic Policy".


Tbsbidayuh said...

Don't Worry.

The Indian will get their destroyed Temple back after Khairy destroy em.

Kulindod said...

Equal distribution of wealth? itu untuk orang melayu sahajalah. For non muslim bumis from Sabah and Sarawak the wealth goes to the BN leaders.

Anonymous said...

big ass chip you have on your shoulder bro! Why don't you stop whining and do something about it? Pegi lobi larrr orang kampong orang bandar to undi out BN. From what I've seen it's not the orang melayu ambil kesempatan but kebodohan orang dyak in supporting monsters for your leaders.

Anonymous said...

If you think he is a moron, why was he handpicked as a prime minister. Remember, the PM does not make decision alone, but he has to consult the entire cabinet and important decisions are always discussed during the cabinet and only then will the prime minister announce the decisions, otherwise the ministers holding the respective portfolio will have to announce the decision taken by the cabinet.

Well what the PM says may be right. Do you consider yourself successful? If you are not successful, than I am sorry to hear that, but mind you we should please do ask the government to subsidize everything for us.

The NEP have created many Malay and Bumiputera millionaires. Many Chines too have been created millionaires under the NEP. On top of that there are many professionals that are being created under the NEP. just read the Mid Term Review if you have the chance to get hold of it. Some of us are actually the by-product of the sound government policies. Had it not been for the sound affirmative actions implemented by BN many of us will be still not be able to read and write or never set foot to a university.

If you are not aware of the new strategy, than you are a moron yourself and not the minister. Look at the wider picture and think out of the box. Look at the differences in the government policies and the new impetus announced by the government. In the past the government gave subsidies, now the government gives cash rebates. Don't you think of this as a new strategies. Last time a smaller quota was allocated to the non-bumiputera for scholarship now 45% were given to them in spite the fact that they formed only 30% of the population of the country and when comparing with the Bumiputere and the non-bumiputera there are more non-bumi millionaires.

Again you have politicised the Punan, but have you visit some of them. There are successful Punan in the Civil Service. There are successful Punan businessmen. If you have been to their village near to Suai, Niah, there are those having hectares of Palm oil. Datuk Hassan Sui is the by-product of the Politics of Development. There are successful Punan who have landed in good jobs after having passed their university education with scholarship given by Yayasan Sarawak. If you doubt, check their names with Yayasan Sarawak, and you will know them all. But if you don't than, it would be apt for me to call you a moron. Have you visit any of the Punan/Penan villages, those in Jalalong near Sebauh, Bintulu are well do to. Only those who are still nomad will find it difficult to fend for themselves. But the Sasrawak state government if finding various ways to bring them to the mainstream of development.

The State government have never chased people out of their own NCR land. In fact they can contest this in court and in some cases, those who owned the land legally have been given remedies by the court. A good example is in the case of Tr. Nyawai and others vs Borneo Pulp and papers. So, it is not right for you to say that they are being chased out of their land for politics of development. Unless if their NCR land is either placed under section 47 or section 48 of the Sarawak Land code. land acquire under section 47 and 48 will be duly compensated by the government.

Anonymous said...

wait n see the disaster that pak lah will bring for msia.......

Anonymous said...

Al Tugau is the real moron

Anonymous said...


You better watch out of your comments. We know who you are and you are a student. Please behave like a student.

chapchai said...

I'm concerned about some of the intimidating comments made about Sarawak Headhunter. Some of you may not agree with some of his comments but you can do it in a civilised manner by offering a legitmate argument instead of threats. Let's not downgrade this blog.

Anonymous said...

Who are you defend anonymous?
The stinky state gov.

The punans are are very different from the penans, dialect, cultural etc.

NCR? Contest in court?
Surely the state goverment will win.
If indeed lose, they will amend the land code with immediate effect.

Anonymous said...

previously 90% scholarship for mly and how much from that 90% went for sabah and swk? almost 0. if umno really fair, then atleast 10% each for sabah and sarawak