Saturday, July 26, 2008

Instigators jealous, bent on becoming leaders???

Instigators jealous, bent on becoming leaders
By Jacob Achoi, Borneo Post, 26.7.2008

Jabu says they join PKR for position they can’t get in BN

KUCHING: The desire to become leaders while at the same time harbouring jealousy have made certain individuals from the local community associate themselves with opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to incite the people, said Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu yesterday.

Sarawak Headhunter's comments (in red): Such a ridiculous statement. This is an old approach which doesn't work anymore. It is the desire NOT to have leaders like Taib and Jabu and the sycophants they surround themselves with that drives people to the opposition and if enough people (read voters) support such a move, the opposition may very well become the next state government of Sarawak.

There is no element of jealousy here, more like revulsion. Don't they get it? Who wants to be jealous of leaders like Taib and Jabu who steal from the people and the state they are supposed to lead and administer as a trust for the people?

Sarawakians do not need to be incited by anyone, least of all by Taib and Jabu themselves.

BE WARY: Jabu advises people not to fall into traps of irresponsible people.

Jabu said such individuals could not come to terms with the various developments brought about by the Barisan Nasional (BN), and thus chose to instigate the people to hate the government.

What real "developments" is Jabu talking about? Why is Sarawak, under BN rule for almost 45 years, still at least 25 to 30 years behind Malaya in terms of development?

Isn't it high time for new leadership to pursue real development for Sarawak? If the opposition can't do it when they manage to form the new government, they also risk being changed.

There is no need for anyone to instigate people to hate the government for there to be change.

People will feel it when their government is no longer a good government.

Describing such actions as irresponsible, Jabu advised the people not to fall into the trap of this group of people but to remain within the BN.

Who is being irresponsible - a BN which is out of touch with reality and ignores the legitimate needs of the people or those who merely point out the shortcomings of such a government?

“I regret the action of certain individuals from the local community who opted to associate themselves with PKR and instigate the people to hate the government.

“So I want to advise the people, particularly those in the rural areas not to entertain such people,” said Jabu, who is also Minister of Rural Development.

The people, especially from the rural areas, wish to advise Jabu that they will no longer entertain him and they will no longer tolerate under-development of Sarawak - especially its rural areas.

He was speaking at the closing ceremony of the fourth series of Betong Economic Development Transformation at Datuk Amar Stephen Kalong Ningkan Hall in Betong on Wednesday.

The closing ceremony was officiated by Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Jabu pointed out that there were no reasons for the people to support PKR given the tremendous development brought by BN.

"Tremendous development"??? You want to see really tremendous development, go to Malaya! Even in Malaya the people are rejecting the BN government because of its gross mismanagement, corruption, inefficiency, extravagance and waste.

He also slammed the actions of such individuals, saying that their action was disrupting the existing peace and harmony in the state.

What about the actions of corrupt and extravagant leaders? Doesn't this disrupt the so-called peace and harmony in Sarawak even more? Why "so-called"? Because beneath the surface there is a long-suffering and seething populace who see the fruits of development being enjoyed and wasted by a few very rich leaders and businessmen and their families only. Jealousy? No, just rage at the people's trust being betrayed.

The state and the people had enjoyed fruitful development under the politics of development brought by Taib, he said.

Jabu, who is also Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications, said he was glad to note that PKR received little support from the people.

He cited the case in Betong where PKR was rejected as shown in the last election.

He urged the people in Betong to continue supporting BN for continuous development.

Continuous development for whom, the people or just a few corrupt leaders and their cronies?


lanjak-entimau said...

"Buah-kapayang" minister's face - makes me sick.

reformedDayak said...

allow me to comments on the "development" Jabu is talking about. Now, the government has always acting god that if the opposition taking over, no money and no development because they have no money and only BN have the money. That is Bullshit, we must not forget that the money is coming from the Tax payers and that mean that money doesn't belong to anybody not even the BN. It is belong to the people (Rakyat). They (BN Gomen) has swayed the mind of the Sarawakian saying that only BN has the money and the capability to develop Sarawak. It is time for us to open up our mind and eyes and not to be intimidated by the BN's threats i.e. no BN no Money that is a total Bullshit. common, the money is ours and whoever the Gomen at that point of time, they have the responsibility to develop Sarawak. So, BN cannot say that only they have the resources. It is high time for us to realise this. They have been "BULAK" to us all this while.

lanjak-entimau said...

I read about this talk-c**k minister. MUKAH Borneo Post 29th July:” Sarawak has its own strategies and formula in developing the state by 2030 and beyond by focusing on renewable sources of energy and human development capital.”
There are 30,000 Ibans in Johore alone, what plan are you talking about? Just like Mr Jabu, Deputy CM, wife Senator, Son Rentap I don’t know what he got. I am in KL, not in Kuching. What Jabu cares for Ibans? He is rich, powerful and has been in power for thirty years, what else he care for us Ibans?
Everywhere I go I meet Sarawakians in W Malaysia, Iban, Melayu, Chinese, Lun Bawang, etc... etc. What strategies and formula is that? Poorah!!! (Tamil word, meaning, get and disappear).