Friday, May 11, 2012

What The Opposition Must Do To Win Sarawak & Sabah In GE-13

To win Sarawak and Sabah in GE-13, the Opposition must promise (after the respective State Governments have also been changed) to:

1. Restore Sarawak & Sabah's Nation status as per the 18/20 Points Agreements;

2. Adhere to all the other provisions of the 18/20 Points Agreements;

3. Give back to Sarawak & Sabah full control over their petroleum resources & renegotiate what Sarawak & Sabah are willing to give to the Federal Government;

4. Allow Sarawak & Sabah to determine and control their own education, finance & taxation systems;

5. Re-designate the "Chief Minister" of each Nation as "Prime Minister";

6. Implement a system of proportionate and popular representation, by reducing the disproportions in the number of voters between each Parliamentary seat and also each State seat and whereby the Prime Minister of Malaysia as well as the Prime Ministers of Sarawak and Sabah shall be voted by the whole of the respective electorates;

7. Allow Sabah & Sarawak to establish their own Army and State Police and be responsible for their own Defence and Internal Security;

8. Allow Sarawak & Sabah full control of their own Citizenship, Customs and Immigration;

9. Implement full Borneanisation of Sarawak & Sabah's Administrative Service;

10. Give fair and full opportunities to Sarawakians and Sabahans who choose to join the Federal Diplomatic and Administrative Service;

11. Give Sarawak & Sabah the right of deciding at any time whether to secede from the Federation or not, by way of a referendum of their citizens; and

12. Give Sarawak & Sabah the right to remove the citizenships of illegal immigrants wrongfully granted by the (previous) Federal government.

This should do for a start at redressing the wrongs that have been done by Malaya to Sarawak & Sabah since the formation of Malaysia.

Let us see whether the Opposition is sincere enough in their dealings with Sarawak & Sabah to be able to make and keep such promises.


Anonymous said...


If the Malayans are not careful - it could happen as in South Kalimantan when the Dayaks got fed up with the Madurese.

It could be head hunting days again.

The Dayaks have to wake up to Malayan colonization using the "independence in Malaysia" British/UMNO neo-colonial concept.

We were simply cheated of our independence. We had an independent Sarwak from 1842 to 1942. After that we became in turn a colony of Japan, Britain and now Malaya. We are still a colony.

Like the "cowgate scandal"- "Malaysia" is a load of bullshit, a pretext for the annexation of Sabah and Sarawak.

Just think without these 2 territories there would be no Malaysia!

Sabahans are up in arms against he Malayanization and not Borneonization of Sabah- with mass transmigration & UMNO takeover of local politics.

"Malayanization" has also taken place in Sarawak but our politicians are not resisting like the Sabahans. They are all mostly now led by Malayan parties!

Malaya needs Sabah & Sarawak for their resources and votes. But we do not need them at all.

We can be independent and strong with our rich resources OUTSIDE Malaysia!

awang samiun said...

No national party whether PKR, DAP, PAS or UMNO would agree to all the above. Some they may agree but not all. You are talking about an independent nation !What do you want to do if they dont agree? You want to start an insurrection? Its all just bullshits.Face the reality man!

Anonymous said...



Sarawak was an independent nation and state from 1842 to 1942. We were here before there was a Malayan Federation. So how is it that a late comer can rule over our rich country?

It is the will of the Sarawak people that will finally determine whether we achieve an independent Sarawak. Not the foreign Malayan parties such as PKR DAP PAS or UMNO. They are just temporary invaders of our country until we throw them out.

The Pakatan election manifesto says in relation to Sabah and Sarawak 2 things:

(1) to integrate Sabah and Sarawak closer into the Malayan political system.

They have already succeeded to some extent in Sarawak because now almost all the opposition parties and the government in fact compose of Malayan or pro Malayan parties.

Sabahans have however firmly rejected the efforts of Malayan parties to capture their support.

Sabahans have experienced more severely the UMNO abuse of power and corruption in Sabah and its mass transmigration policies.

This article says clearly what Sabahans are thinking:-

(2) Pakatan promises 20% oil royalties to Sabah and Sarawak. This really means they have no intention of returning to us control of our wealth.

If other words like UMNO, Pakatan considers Sabah and Sarawak as Malayan colonies which must continue to contribute to the economic development of Malaya.

So the Malayan parties will never agree to a referendum or "secession" of either Sabah or Sarawak.

"Secession" is a misnomer as it implies we willingly agreed to become part of Malaya.

We know that following the anti-Malaysia Brunei uprising the British/Malayan forces immediately invaded Northern Borneo/Kalimantan with over 60,000 "commonwealth" forces to suppress the Brunei Uprising and then the Sarawak guerilla war for independence which was fought till 1990.

Malaysia was a neo-colonial response to the rise of the independence movement in Northern Borneo against British colonial rule.

The British having installed UMNO in power in Malaya in 1957 to protect their economic and strategic interest also want to retain their influence over Brunei Sabah and Sarawak by creating Malaysia under UMNO rule.

So it came to pass when the people resisted they forcibly imposed Malaysia on Sabah and Sarawak while Brunei stayed out. This was barely 8 months after the suppression of the Brunei Uprising.

If we are to regain our independence there is the peaceful way and the non-peaceful.

We can peacefully have an independence referendum to decide if we want to stay in the neo-colonial arrangement or we regain our independence we lost in 1942.

The non-peaceful way was tried from 1962 to 1990. It did not succeed for many reasons. One of the main one was the lack of popular support as the Malayan enemy was able to isolate the freedom fighters of PARAKU.

If the Sarawak people find not other out of their predicament of Malayan colonial rule- they must decide which way they want to go.

Dayaks were in part the foot soldiers of the Brooke regime and were instrumental in the creation of the independent Sarawak State between 1842 and 1942. They should be proud of their role in our history. And we would be prouder of them if they can unite to throw out the foreign Malayan invaders!

The options are always open. And Dayaks may still have to live up to their reputation and one day may fulfil their role as liberators of Sarawak.

The independence spirit is expressed in our real national anthem- Fair Land Sarawak:

"Proudly our Flag flies high
above our Country Strong and Free
Long may our People live
in Peace and harmony."

Sarawakians we must rise up to fight for this freedom and take back our country!

Anonymous said...

When you refer to Dayak Iban or bidayuh?), where is your native dayak land? Stay in there and keep to yourselves.

Anonymous said...