Monday, April 11, 2011

Who Sold Out Sarawak's Petroleum Resources To The Malayans?

The answer to this is of course Taib! The Malayans under Tun Razak at the time made him the Federal Minister of Primary Industries with the sole intention of using him so that Sarawak's (and also Sabah's) vast petroleum resources would end up under Federal control.

A trap was laid for him, into which he promptly fell, thereby opening himself up to blackmail by the UMNO-controlled Federal Government, so much so that to save his own skin he co-operated in handing over Sarawak's petroleum resources to the Federal Government for a mere 5% royalty to the State.

How it was done was alluded to in Sarawak Headhunter's open letter to Taib dated 1.11.2008 "Time's Up, Taib! Just Go!" where it was mentioned "Remember Shaheen and how you and Adenan sold a whole ship tanker-load of Malaysian crude oil - which promptly "disappeared" - when you were Minister of Primary Industries - without an L/C, to a group of "Arab-looking gentlemen"? Are we to believe that you, with your photographic memory, didn't even remember their names?"

Taib and Adenan made a lot of money on this deal and the culprits (their co-conspirators) were never found and probably never even pursued - together with the ship they just disappeared, causing great loss to the country. Imagine what one whole shiptanker-load of crude oil would have cost at that time just after the Arab Oil Embargo of the early 1970's.

A Parliamentary Enquiry found no evidence of wrongdoing and merely admonished Taib as the Minister responsible for this fiasco. In exchange Taib facilitated the UMNO Federal Government's grabbing control of Sarawak's petroleum resources.

The grateful UMNO Federal Government rewarded him with greater responsibilities until he rose to become Minister of Defence and Minister of Federal Territory before going back to Sarawak to become Chief Minister in 1981.

After almost 40 years of the UMNO and other Malayans having enjoyed and also squandered the revenues from Sarawak's petroleum resources, Sarawakians, many of whom still live in abject poverty, must now demand a fair share of their own resources so that they can enjoy at least a semblance of real development as their Malayan counterparts do today (notwithstanding the corruption, siphoning off, mismanagement and waste).

The first step in that direction is to get rid of Taib and the BN in these coming 10th State Elections on April 6th, 2011 and to put in place a government that will better serve the interests of the people, especially the ordinary people, of Sarawak.

The message must be made clear to ALL Sarawakian voters that the money that Taib and the BN pays them for their votes and the projects that they promise and approve during the election campaigns, does not belong to Taib and the BN but to the people themselves.
A vote for Taib and the BN is a vote for the people's own deprivation and oppression.

A vote for SNAP and Pakatan Rakyat is a vote for the people's own liberation and greater development.


Anonymous said...

Penderhaka Taib must go !

Penderhaka BN must go !

BN Must Go said...

We just wrote a nice 10-point questionnaire to the "good gentleman" Dr Sim of SUPP Pending to answer .. let's see if he's got the guts to go with the craft ..