Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Tajem Test

Terence Netto
Apr 10, 11
Snap adviser Daniel Tajem, in an immediate response to Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian's plea that Snap candidates withdraw in seats where Snap is not making headway, urged the application of the 'Tajem Test' as swift settlement of the issue.

daniel tajem 170609The 'Tajem Test' was the veteran politician's recommendation, when the ultimately abortive seat negotiations first began between both parties, that both Snap and PKR juxtapose their list of candidates and weigh the merits of each vis-à-vis the other and also the strength of each party's machinery in the constituency.

The 'Tajem Test' required that the candidate and machinery that came out tops in the adjudication process would be fielded in the constituency that both parties jointly eyed.
“I welcome the suggestion by Bian that we don't contest seats where we are in multi-cornered fights with the BN,” said Tajem, in comments to Malaysiakini today as soon as he was apprised of Baru's plea.

“But let him quickly get together with us and show in which seats Snap are lagging in candidate strength and party machinery effectiveness and we, on our part, will do likewise for areas in which we feel PKR are defective,” was Tajem's swift reaction.

NONE“Let's us then sort this out very quickly and mutually agree to allow the one to make way for the other on application of the test that I first suggested as a method of settlement of our overlapping claims when talks on seat sharing were held between our two parties,” he added.

Tajem said it was not his intent to fault-find but the test that he recommended for the settlement of overlapping seat claims was reasonable and viable.

“PKR's reluctance to show their list prevented the application of that test and that ensured the failure of the seat-sharing talks,” he opined.

“But all is not lost. If Bian (above) wants us to withdraw in favor of PKR, then in all fairness his party must also concede the same privilege to us in areas where PKR falls short vis-a-vis Snap,” said Tajem.

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