Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Those Degenerate Sarawakians Who Have Made PBB/BN & Taib Your God


You claim to be Sarawakians, yet persist in upholding and perpetuating the disgusting oppressive agenda of PBB/BN and Taib. How does this conform to humanitarian values and what does that make you? There are no two ways about this.

Every Sarawakian is a brother to every other Sarawakian and Sarawakians constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Sarawakian which belongs to a fellow Sarawakian unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves and to other Sarawakians.

Remember, one day you will appear before God and answer for your deeds, just as Taib will have to for his deeds and misdeeds.

Yet you as Sarawakians have broken the Sarawakian brotherhood and strayed from the path of justice and righteousness by supporting, encouraging and helping PBB and Taib to implement its insidious subversive and oppressive agenda of purportedly bringing “development” to Sarawak, in reality only for Taib, his family, cronies and henchmen - the connected few – to make them wealthy beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, while the rest of Sarawakians remain poor.

You know very well what PBB and Taib in pursuit of this subversive agenda have done to the state, yet you persist in forcing such an agenda down the throats of other right-thinking Sarawakians, Natives and non-Natives alike, in the perversely mistaken belief that whatever PBB and Taib do is right.

In doing so, you have made PBB/BN and Taib your God. This is wrong.

Taib’s God is Greed and Lust for Power, and Satan is his Guide. Why then do you want to follow him?

The sad fact is that since independence, PBB/BN and Taib’s agenda has resulted in many lost opportunities for the vast majority of the people and vicious exploitation by a few opportunistic and greedy PBB/BN Sarawakians and their cronies.

Untold hundreds of billions of ringgit have been siphoned out of the economic system in the implementation of PBB/BN and Taib’s agenda, all through Taib’s wrongdoing and with his connivance.

Has PBB/BN and Taib really given back anything much to the people in return, other than some crumbs and even that grudgingly? The poor Natives in the mean time do not know any better and continue to be misled, hoodwinked, bribed (for a pittance) and intimidated into supporting a corrupt, inept, exploitative and divisive PBB/BN government whose programmes do nothing more than regard the state’s resources as their own to do with as they please.

The whole political, legislative, administrative and economic process of the state has been hijacked by all means, mainly foul, to maintain Taib’s corrupt regime in power at the total expense of the people, who are fed lies and all kinds of misinformation in the name of governance and government.

You disingenuously maintain that all institutions of government, which should be run for the benefit of all Sarawakians, are “Sarawakian” institutions, even if most other right-thinking Sarawakians themselves would not agree with you. Why not just be truthful and call them “PBB/BN” or “Taib” institutions since their only function is to ensure the continued survival, empowerment and enrichment of PBB/BN and Taib and degenerate Sarawakians like you?

Just because you degenerate Sarawakians, and those Sarawakians whom you have been able to convince, hoodwink or otherwise compel, uphold corruption, misgovernance, theft, injustice and all kinds of other wrongs, including murder, does not make any of it right.

But that is the PBB/BN and Taib whom you have made your God. And Taib’s God is Greed and Lust for Power, and Satan is his Guide. And you want to follow him?

You will only regret it when you have to answer before the One True God on Judgment Day.

Don’t think that you can hide behind your beliefs, as you know very well that this has absolutely nothing to do with deliberate misbeliefs. It has everything to do with right and wrong, truth and justice.

Then it will be too late to realize that PBB/BN was the Devil, not God. And it was degenerate Sarawakians like you who made it your God.

You are a disgrace to the yourselves and worst of all to all other Sarawakians.

Repent before it is too late, change your evil ways so that the One True God may forgive you.

PBB/BN and Taib will never change.

It is too late for PPB/BN and Taib, but not too late for you and other Sarawakians.





Anonymous said...


i don't understand this word.before this sarawak were in deli ma?

sarawakian said...

why mention about PBB only?how about the rich timber tycoon like RH and so on.

Anonymous said...

I salute you Sarawak Headhunter.
I hope you will be next CM and lead Sarawk with this battle cry.
Something has to be done before Sarawk is sucked dry by Taib and his family members.
The Uncle and this nephew need to be brought to justice and pay back what they have looted.
Time has come. God is GREAT.

theAlphamale said...

Yes I concur. To those who are not yet registered voters... I say that you are supporting their regime. As you are not doing anything ipso facto supporting the oppressive regime. Every vote for PBB/BN is a sign of supporting their regime. Only by voting for "change" can we be sure that we are against them..

Anonymous said...

Sarawak Forest gone....
Sarawak Independence...
Good cry! I support you after reading this article,
Why should we be led by the nose with people from West?? Especially when they are greater cheats and thieves than Taib!

Anonymous said...

It is very depressing indeed being a Sarawakian.
The only hope I see is only that in the whole month of this August, there
's no car is displaying the Malaysia and Sarawak flag and if that's an omen of things to came in the Sarawak State Election, it would be sweet indeed for all Sarawakians.
One thing that's makes me sick is all the newspaper highlighting that we all need Taib when the fact is only the cronies and the SUPP dogs that actually want him to stay and they dare to make impression that majority Sarawakians need that SOB!!!

I just can't wait for this years Sarawak State Election, maybe the will be a miracle that Sarawakians will actually kick Taib out of his CM post but I can only hope and I hope this hope became a reality.

May Allah or God blessed Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

Is this what Peninsular Malaysians think of Sarawakians;

Joe 3 days ago
• To me namewee is mad, hello brother sing lah next time michael jackson’s song. why you have to talk about sensitive issues?

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Thienloong Chin 3 days ago in reply to Joe
• Keep your silly mouth shut & get lost whichever joe you are. NAMEWEE is an original 1MALAYSIAN expressing his views

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Joe 2 days ago in reply to Thienloong Chin
• True malaysians will not tease others, I am sure you have benefitted alot in this country of harmony and peace. If I have something to say I would put in wrinting to the authories, why you have your MCA. Namewee don’t have to tease other races. Who do you think you are to tell others to shut up. If you are not happy in Malaysia, you are welcome to make a choice. Don’t complaint after enjoying your life in this country for years. Please tell namewee to shut and never open his mouth again. Because he is in trouble and not you. May be money = God for you people. My prayers to BN fully come back to power in the next general elections. I don’t think you people understand that this country is of many races / religions.

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BLACK 3 hours ago in reply to Joe
• NAMEWEE didint tease other race, what kind of teasing he did? If namewee shut his mouth for no reason, how he gonna express his feelings about what the HEADMISTRESS did or say to the other RACES? NAMEWEE is a TRUE 1 MALAYSIA! because he is not one side of RACE only

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Thienloong Chin 1 day ago in reply to Joe
• Does not really matter who I am but who are you to judge and think that Namewee is mad as you say and also tell him to sing MJ’s songs which is foreign when he’s a natural born Malaysian original. FYI – I am not politically affiliated and originate from Borneo malaysia where the diverse groups have always live in harmony. If you are still in control of your senses, just shut up and never open your loose dirty mouth again.

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Joe 1 day ago in reply to Thienloong Chin
• So you are from the jungles of borneo, pardon me. Now I understand why you like monkey dances. Keep it up and stay in the same place. You know if you do this in China even the chinese authorities would take action against you, For your information the MALAYS ARE FAR BETTER IN MANAGING THIS COUNTRY and they are the most tolerant people compared with chinese. Don’t continue to tease the malays like this. Bye chimpanzie

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BLACK 3 hours ago in reply to Joe
• If do this in china they will really take action because they are communist country, MALAYSIA is DEMOCRATIC country. Stupid! You have to reaserch more about DEMOCRATIC country.