Saturday, August 14, 2010

Taib's Sins Against The Poor People Of Sarawak

In response to FreeMalaysiaToday's report "Penan issue: Taib expresses regret over NGOs' unfriendly views".

From Burak S Sem, via e-mail
I refer to your report, 'Penan issue: Taib expresses regret over NGOs' unfriendly views'. Being chief minister for 29 years, Sarawak people, especially the Dayaks and the Penan are heading for poverty because of the government policies on corruption.

On behalf of the poor people of Sarawak, I send you this 'love' mail to enable you to see for yourself your sins to your own people instead of directing your faults to the NGOs.

Abdul Taib Mahmud, we Sarawakians are angry. Yes, we the people are very angry. We have endured your ill conceived economic and social policies for too long.

We have no jobs, no income, no savings and no place to lay our heads while you and your selected few live in mansions at the expense of the very poor you are refusing to take care of. You have consistently ignored our cries for help even though you know our plights well.
  1. Are you not appalled by the scale of poverty and the living conditions of the Dayak people?
  2. Are you not appalled to see young Dayaks leaving their long houses/kampungs to major towns like Miri, Bintulu, Sibu, Kuching and other places in Sarawak to seek a better life, just to earn the salaries of RM15 per day because there's nothing left in there in the long houses/kampung? You and your government are not serious about helping the Dayaks. You developed your business empires on Sarawak's wealth through your sister, brother, son, daughter, brother/family members and your cronies.
  3. Are you not appalled to see Penans roaming the jungles, scavenging for foods? They have been displaced because your logging and oil palms activities have taken away their lands, polluted their rivers, allowed their women to be raped by irresponsible loggers while you and you cronies live in homes like palaces.
  4. Don’t you care about the dignity of the people you are robbing? For years, you have asked us to sacrifice our votes in the name of "developments" and even today we are still sacrificing.
How many more years should we continue to sacrifice and tighten our belts while you and your cronies enjoy from our lands and sweat? We cannot continue any longer. Absolutely cannot!

We are sick and tired of all of you, your BN YBs and especially you as chief minister of Sarawak for 29 years. We are tired of your dictatorship, silent racism, religious discriminations, imprisonment without trial (ISA) and political instability.

We are tired of being refugees in our own native land. We are tired of consuming water from muddy rivers/streams at the same source with your loggers transporting their timbers; water infested with silt, bacteria and viruses.

We are tired of having to work as lowly paid labourers in timber camps, oil palm plantations, construction sites and workshops.

We are tired of your corrupt practices and the looting of Sarawak's 2% oil royalties for your family businesses, your CMS (Chahaya Mata Sarawak). Your foreign bank accounts are swollen with hundreds of millions of dollars, pounds and Euros while thousands of Dayaks people live on RM15 a day. It's not enough to buy one bag/10 kilos of rice.

We are tired of you, secretly using Sarawak money to develop your family businesses in Ottowa Canada, San Francisco California USA, Australia, UK while most of our rural children go to school barefoot and hospitals are miles away without any means to travel distances.

We are tired; while the Dayak's long houses are folding up for lack of electricity supply from your government while harvested crops remain in the bush for lack of good roads or no road at all.

We are tired of all your inactions, the wait-see-and-do-nothing approaches to problem solving and endless empty promises.

We Dayaks demand your cronies return our NCR lands peacfully with immediate effect. We demands for better education, health, transport and telecommunication infrastructures now, we mean now.

We demand affordable housing now. We demand irrigation facilities, tractors, equipment and improved agricultures for our farmers now.

You’ve asked us to tighten our belts while you have loosened yours and your family members. This cannot go on any more. We are starving to death while you are developing protruding bellies.

You are having lavish life, million dollars houses, exclusive gold plated office, driving world most expensive cars while your corruptions is threatening us the poor Dayaks.

Your greed and insensitivity are forcing the best of your family to seek greener pastures abroad with Sarawakian money. How dare you Abdul Taib Mahmud?

We demand a share in the revenue from the sale of timbers, oil and gas. We demand a say in the way you spend our money; and a say in the way major contracts are awarded. It is not going to be business as usual anymore.

We demand change now. We demand probity and accountability now. We demand political action to solve the numerous problems facing we the Dayak people.

Look at the world around you. Don’t you see or hear what is going in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Latin America, Europe and North America? Can’t you see that you and your people, especially the Dayaks are being left far behind in developments than the rest of the world?

Aren’t you ashamed that after over 40 over years after Sarawak gained independance from the British, the Dayaks' living standards today is not much different from the living standards of the Dayaks 80 years ago, using hoes and cutlasses for farming, tools their forefathers used before they were colonised?

Aren’t you ashamed that after all these years of independence, some of the Dayaks people cannot feed themselves on their own ancestral land; and the youth are in a hurry to leave to towns as cheap labour? Can’t you see or hear?

Well, a word to the wise is enough. Remember, you can fool some people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

BN was defeated in the Sibu by election, this is crystal-clear signs for you to start packing your personal belonging from Petrajaya. We Sarawakian are tired and sick of you and we want to get-rid of your dirty, smelly, rotten government.

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Anonymous said...

Taik is making use of the Heads of Dept to help him to steal.Look at JKR, the Head is extended year after year and he signed "butak" to all contracts giving to Thief Minister, Sons, brothers and sisters.
Where got $$ for others now?
No Head of Government should be extended; he must go when reach the retiring age!!!!
This is a clear case of felony.
How to catch these accomplices????

In Bakun case, I'm sure many Reports were make but all to his favour!
This big case even invovled prevous PM the mamak pseudo-Malay!!!
And Jabu, George Chan, Masing, Abang Joe, Mawan, .... all assisted by cheating their own people to keep voting Be-End. Will they be successful again????
When will Sarawakians wake up????