Friday, August 13, 2010

Qmack! Qmack! MACC!

If it looks like a lame duck, walks like a lame duck and quacks like a lame duck, it must be...QMACK! QMACK!...the MACC!


Dare we hope that the MACC will thoroughly investigate Taib, his family and their henchmen and cronies for corrupt practices and ill-gotten wealth through corruption? Will we ever see any of Sarawak's stolen wealth returned?

Will the MACC's lame duck be cooked?

See Free Malaysia Today "Taib's Billions: Will MACC boss walk the talk?" or will he qmack like a lame duck?

1 comment:

Antares said...

Every time I see the name MACC I can only think of the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians.