Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Muhyiddin Bribes The Voters Of Taman PD Utama With Their Own Money

Will the Election Commission do anything about this blatant and illegal act of election bribery and abuse of Government machinery, staff and resources at a purported Hari Raya celebrations gathering in the midst of a by-election? Don't hold your breath!

This is an election offence, whether the useless Election Commission agrees or not. If Isa wins, it would definitely be the substance of an election petition by Zulkefly to annul the results and any straight judge would agree - if such a judge may still be found in Malaysia.

Voters of Bagan Pinang, take the money - it's your own money they are giving back to you! But vote against Isa!

If you want to know why you should vote for Zulkefly, see the video on the sidebar at the right ("Zulkefly Mohd Omar - Hero Of Broga").

Read & see more at Bagan Pinang > Fight Never Surrender

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