Sunday, October 11, 2009

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Votes In Bagan Pinang?

Not much, apparently, according to Wanita UMNO. This is what they have been distributing to voters in Bagan Pinang:

This would probably be sufficient for the rural voters of Sarawak, but Bagan Pinang? Are the voters so hard up or is it UMNO that is so desperate? Probably nothing wrong with this according to the Elections Commission, which is why UMNO is doing it in broad daylight.

Apparently there're also lots of "Duit Raya" for the taking, courtesy of UMNO - nothing wrong with that either according to the Elections Commission, since it is the Raya season!

Hopefully the voters of Bagan Pinang are smart enough not to fall for all this outright and blatant election bribery and corruption. Is UMNO so politically bankrupt of ideas that they have to resort to such desperate measures as we have seen openly in Bagan Pinang?

Are we witnessing UMNO committing political suicide here? Will the voters of Bagan Pinang create history here in spite of all these indecent inducements? Let us dare to hope, for the sake of the future of our divided and misruled nation.

God save us from the tyranny and corruption of UMNO!


Antares said...

I feel the tide has turned against Umno, Al. Thanks to the Curse of Al Tantuya :-)

Tbsbidayuh said...

In Sarawak, Belacan and Garam ar enough to get the people's vote. Stephen Yong was even worst. Ikan masin expired given to the people of Padawan and SUPP won the constituency. How much was the price of salted fish at that time? RM 0.50 per kati.

We will see the worst soon.
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