Saturday, October 3, 2009

UMNO's Money Bags In Bagan Pinang - Watch Out For 1 Tan Sri & 2 Datuks

The wheeling and the dealing has started in Bagan Pinang. This Isa Samad have pledged – with hands on his heart and the other hand with fingers crossed behind his back – that he will win Bagan Pinang. But he will not do what he did when he got caught for money politics in UMNO the last time. That time he was physically handing over the money like nobody’s business – thinking that those that took the money from him will know that he is generous – and that they can count on him to give them more when elected. He was elected but he did not count on Pak Lah’s insistence that they go after Isa and when UMNO members knew that Isa was going to be the ‘sacrificial lamb’ of money politics -the very people who took money from Isa now took money again to declare that Isa had bribed them! As they say there is no honour among thieves. Isa is not sorry for his involvement in money politics – he is just sorry that he was caught.

Who will be UMNO's money bags for the Bagan Pinang By-Election?

They are Tan Sri Dr Gan Kong Seng, Dato' Chua Tiong Moon and Dato' Yap Kat Boon.

Whoever they are or whoever they use, the message to the voters must be "Take their money and vote for PAS!"

See the whole story at "Bagan Pinang - One Tan Sri. Two Datuks." Steady Aku 47, Hussein Hamid's Blog.


Anonymous said...

gan-chua-yap = kemaluan besar to their ancestors !

komando said...

What is there to be ashamed of?

Can make more money after this win!

Haiyah - semua olang UMNO mau duit senang sahaja..kasi lah kasi lor..

Senang mau bawa anak bini pi shopping mah....Paris, London, NEW YORK, Milan....beli umah, beli keleta, beli BINI baru simpan kat condo macam ayam daging !

Kasi air dan makan duduk laim liam
mau barang mari sahaja lor!

Kau kau kasi kongkek!