Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Senyum Kambing - Terpulang Kepada Penan


Anonymous said... all of you hear that.....A deafening silence from those powers that be .... well done people what you vote for is what you get in Sarawak...
In the meantime spare a thought for those victims if you have the time or if you care at all...doesn't cost you anything just a thought...or you can't spare even that?


Anonymous said...

ask ourselves

1. still want to be part of bolehland?

a. yes then (i)with bn or (ii)with pr

b. no

a i. which bn party
a ii. which pr party

are they sincere to dayaks or only just to get into power? are you satisfy with 5 or 20% oil royalti eventhough we produce 50% of country oil? malaya say we need to share the oil wealth with the rest of country but do you think they share the country’s wealth with us?

compare development in klang valley, penang with sarawak. huge gap. all population in malaysia has access to water, electric and road. how about in sarawak? many excuses given.

how many director from borneon in national our company? nonce. how many bornean be appointed as md in national our company? only 1 and he is a convert

b. be an independent country. build our homeland to be a great nation. we have the resources and its up to us to manage it. now we are left behind because of we didnt not look at foundation. good mangement!

Anonymous said...

the most idoitic or even pathetic party is now taken by PAS from umna. congratulation for both parties. PAS for the hardworking to win the title and also umna for losing the title.

wants to impose moral values : trying to impose further islamization toward the citizens. are they thought that citizens are stupid so that they need to impose such moral values? afraid of khalwat, the reason they spying / intruding others privacy life. so bolehland. are they dont have other things to do until they have free time to spying on others? closed minded person is the 1 who more incline to do the khalwat when they have opportunity. people who are grew up in free environment will not fall into temptation easily as for them, sex is not everything. the opportunity comes many time inf future so why bother to do khalwat while the self proclaimed religious most probably fall into the tempation. citizens have brain to think. we dont have to impose our values on others. dont impose your talibanise ( i almost forgot PAS urged the supporters to jihad with taliban in afghanistan back in 2001) ideologies on us.

demo against foreign artists : keep on condemning and against foreign artists to perform in bolehland as they are bad influences like sexy clothes, explicit lyrics according to their opinion. sexy clothes, what's wrong with that? you afraid the male audiences will get horny and fcuk the female audiences right after that or you afraid the female audiences will wear sexy clothes? i dont think your son or daughter will go to the concert. they are someone else son or daughter. if their parents has no problem with that, why you make such fuss? are you afraid you will get horny when see lady wear sexy clothes? then you have to train your 'little brother' to behave using your head not 'little brother's head'. the artist make perform and those who come and watch thier perfomance are coming with their willingness. not they have to come and watch. why you said they didnt not respect holy month?

against non mly as glc chief : a year ago, the party was against the appointment of a chinese lady to be an acting chief for a state company. it was only an acting position for God's sake! they said they are not race based party but look like they didnt act like what they said. hypocrite. just a week ago they make statement a Kelabit didnt perform well during his tenure as airline chief and this person should not be appointed as a minister. if their race is better than other race in bolehland, why on earth the airline almost bankrupted during their race chief, why on earth the companies linked to their race need the gov bailout? why their race still need gov assistance? who are halim s, mukthar al b etc?

restrict alchohol in PR states : they dont want any liqour sale in so called mly majority area. on the other hand, they want to deny the non mly rights to consume liqour. they also want to catch workers in shops who they will find sell liqour. then, the mly workers has to look for other jobs. would these party give / offer job to the workers affacted by them? and yet they want the company/shop to hire mly as per requirement. so bolehland! after this we will see people will segregate and live in separate area. self imposed apartheid ideology. congratulation

mly dominated gov : they will not serve in a non mly dominated gov. maybe they afraid they will not be able to to impose the islamzation to the public. they afraid they unable to 'help' us the kafirs to enter the heaven!

PAS maybe have forgotten that without Sabah & Sarawak, they were minority before 1963. from 47 % now to 60% with the help of the native of Sabah & Sarawak that you have converted. please respect other people their race, their religions as they are native of this country too.