Monday, September 21, 2009

Hari Raya Message To Taib From A Friend

A Hari Raya Message to Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud

Dear Taib, my friend,

Allow me to call you my friend even though we never met! As more and more people in Sarawak are treating you as the Public Enemy No. 1, I think you really do need friends like me. Hence I address you as my friend.

Hari Raya is coming. Ramadan has been achieved, that is if you have observed it strictly in accordance with the Holy Koran. The Almighty Allah shall shower you with all His blessings, if you are walking in the righteous path.

Talking on the righteous path, have you prayed five times a day to Allah, nowadays? What have you received after these prayers? Yes, if you have prayed properly and sincerely and repent, you will know what Allah wants you to do! Yes, he wants you to repent and give back all the money you took from the people of Sarawak!

During the past year, Allah the Almighty has called the coming home of your beloved Laila and your granddaughter. From Allah we come, to Allah we shall go. This is the unchangeable rule since time immemorial. This also means your leaving this world in the not too distant future.

Before you depart, I would like to remind you, as a true friend that, when your time comes, all the things in this world, you will have to leave them behind. Born into this world as a naked baby, you will die leaving this world without anything in your hands, except the cloth that wrapped your wretched carcass. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes!

I like Ramadan. It always makes me feel nearer to the Almighty Allah. The hunger makes me feel so vulnerable without food. The Buka Puasa makes me feel the greatness of the Almighty Allah. The sharing of food makes me feel the joy of seeing other fellow human beings happy. It is not only the food that you have to share. It is also the wealth.

Allah the Almighty does not prohibit any one from accumulating wealth on this earth. In fact He encourages it. However, you must not steal and cheat. That, you know, is haram!

As your good friend (though again, I regret I have never met you, since it is forever so difficult to get an appointment to see you), it is my sincere hope to you that you will repent and give back all that you have unjustly taken from the people of Sarawak. Give up politics. Give up your Chief Ministership. Be benevolent to all your fellow Sarawakians. Retire and enjoy your limited days on earth!

May Allah the Almighty shower you with abundant grace in the coming days, upon your repentence!

Your good friend,
Kuching Kia

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kuching Kia
Thank you for your generous concern. It is with deepest regret I am not able to accept your gracious advice. There are many reasons for my arrogance in not being able to do so even in the times of Ramadan.
1. For one, I have been the paramount CM for far too long and I am so accustomed to yielding the power in my hands. I simply love the absolite authority I am having. Even the PM in KL shudders to give me any friendly advice as long as I am able to deliver 30+ Parliamentary seats to them every GE. So I must be nuts to surrender this power and wealth amassed even though I am aware the Sarawak rakyat treats me as Public Enemy No.1. Why do I care two hoots when I have been accumulating so much wealth right under their noses and they are so powerless to dispose me?
2. Laila and my granddaughter had to go through their destinies just like everyone do as you had rightly pointed out. But what it means exactly is I now have all the wealth for myself alone and I am enjoying every minute of it. Have you not heard I had since found my other love? It was so easy when you have all this wealth in your pockets. I just cannot bear to sleep alone and I do desperately need a female companion by my bedside. I trust you can understand my natural instinct perfectly.
3. I have put in place my son to assume my position as soon as the good Lord tells me it is time to go. My family dynasty shall carry my honourable name forward to continue raping the State even though I may be long gone. So my dear Kuching Kia kawan, continue with your faint hope. With the likes of Georgie and Jambu, do not expect anything else to change in the political landscape even I may be buried to kingdom come.
4. In the true spirit of Ramadan I wish you and your rakyat in Sarawak to enjoy the true spirit of what it represents. I personally do not mind being hungry for this period through self-discipline. But I have 11 other months to grab, rape and accumulate the State resources like what I had done for the past 20+ years.
5. I am sorry you are not able to determine when my time is up. Meanwhile, I do enjoy every single minute of my time. Let's say if I do not do what I had been doing, someone else from West Malaysia would anyway. Or would you prefer UMNO to come in like what they did in Sabah? Instead, you should be grateful. Someone in my position had to accumulate all this personal wealth. And it happens I am that one single person who happens to be at the right place and at the right time.
In conclusion, I shall try to remember sending you my "Gong Xi Fa Cai' greetings to you in February 2010. Or maybe "Selamat Hari Gawai" in June 2010. Because I have no certainty as to your identification except by your nick name of "Kuching Kia". Again, thank you for your concern. In a nutshell, I'll do just the opposite exactly.
With all best wishes,