Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sarawak To Propel Taib's Family's Future

Sabah, S’wak to propel nation’s future: CM

By Puvaneswary Devindran

Comments by Sarawak Headhunter in red, as usual.

KUCHING: Efforts from Sabah and Sarawak - through their ample reservoir of natural resources - will help a lot in ascertaining the future direction of the country, Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said yesterday.

OATH-TAKING: A representative leads the stadium in reciting the Rukun Negara. — Photo by Jeffrey Mostapa

He said the natural resources in East Malaysia were yet to be fully exploited, adding that if they could be pooled and used well, both states would certainly contribute more wealth to the rest of the country.

"Exploited" is one of the key words here. "Fully" is another. The crucial question is "for whose benefit?". Haven't these states already contributed more than their fair share of their natural resources to the rest of the country and the rest of it to Taib, his family and their cronies while a significant portion of their people still remain deprived, poor and oppressed?

With all the wealth of Sarawak, the irony and sad fact is that many Sarawakians are still so poor that they can't even afford basic necessities or to send their children to school to ensure a better life for themselves. And Taib wants to "fully exploit" our resources for us to contribute more to the wasteful and extravagant Malayans? Not to mention to himself, his family and cronies.

We must seriously ask ourselves what kind of government do we have here and for whose benefit do we have such a government, both at the federal and state levels. Whose interests does Taib's and the BN's regime serve, the people's or their own?

“We know that the future of Malaysia will be ascertained through efforts from East Malaysia because our natural resources are yet to be fully exploited,” he said at the state-level National Day Celebration at Stadium Perpaduan here.

The future of his family will also depend on it. How much more of the State's resources - the people's resources - will they be able to fully exploit? Are Sarawakians going to continue to let them get away with it?

Taib, who is also Abuse of Finance Minister and Planning, Scheming and Resource MisManagement Minister, said Sarawak would also play a vital role in the country’s High Income Economy (HIE) structure - an effort to bring Malaysia on par with developed countries by making use of the people’s intelligence and skills rather than their physical strength.

REALLY? And how is this purported HIE going to be distributed? Or will it just be controlled by his family and their selected cronies?

The Chief Minister said this would be the state’s struggle because it realised that Sarawakians could not progress by depending entirely on monetary assistance and budget plans from the federal government alone, but rather the will to work at securing their fate.

Monetary assistance and budget plans from the federal government? A federal government that has been exploiting and wasting to the maximum the petroleum resources of Sarawak? Who has been assisting whom?

Sarawak's fate will certainly be sealed if the exploitation continues. Taib and the BN regime have to go!

Taib said in its second wave of politics of development by 2030, the state was aiming for an investment worth more than RM380 billion. Of this, he said the government would only fork out RM70 billion, while the rest was expected to come from investors - be they foreign or local.

Of this multi-hundred billion investment, how much would go into private pockets and how much would really benefit the people? What would the returns be like for the people?

He said the huge investments would provide close to one and a half million job opportunities.

Who would the people have to work for and enslave their future to? Taib Mahmud and his arrogant and ungrateful family and cronies?

“We know that our money in the state is not enough, and as such most of it will be from investors.

“So we must prepare ourselves to face questions on how safe it is for them to put their money here,” he said.

What he means is how safe is his family's fortune going to be in the future in Sarawak?

He said investors would want to know the political situation in the state, the unity of the people and also whether the state had people with the necessary knowledge and skills.

This would all depend on whether the people still remain ignorant of what Taib is, has and will be doing to exploit them or whether they would be able to forge the necessary will and unity of purpose to overthrow him and his evil regime.

The chief minister added that investors would also want to ensure the state’s leaders were responsible individuals who would place the country’s development first rather than their own political agenda.

Right, and Taib is a reasonable man who puts the State's development first rather than his own personal and political agenda. Anyone believe that?

He said the state had managed to convince and draw some investors who could probably be putting in some RM100 billion worth of investments in various types of industries.

It certainly wouldn't take much convincing if "full exploitation" is going to be the order of the day for these selected and fortunate investors - all at the expense of the people and the State's resources.

As such, he said Sarawakians should focus on one struggle and that was to meet these investors’ criteria and prove time and time again that the state was a place worth investing in.

Basically, what Taib is saying is just let them have what they want and on top of that be grateful to them for wanting to take the trouble to rape, loot and pillage the State.

Taib added that the first 45 years of Sarawak being in Malaysia had featured the state as the most promising economy in Malaysia.

Promising for whom?

He hoped the people would continue to work together to protect this.

For the sake of his family and their cronies.

People of Sarawak, if you don't wake up NOW, it will be too late!

The Taib and family termite infestation will eat up the rest of the forest that still remains while the Malayan pests will continue to feed, gorge themselves on and vomit whatever is left of our depleting petroleum resources.


rainstorm said...

Yes, we need to change a new government. We got ourselves to blame for voting BN every elections knowing very well how corrupted they are ! There is so much opposition can do with limited funds, macinery but you've to convience Sarawakians especially from the interiors not to be swayed into believing BN will help the people. Same goes with the Sabahans.

Every elections we see BN dangle with carrots of promising this & that and the ironic is, those who voted BN believed whole heartedly BN can help them. If only they were informed & access to the truth of what BN has done (corruptions, abuse of power, mismanagement, etc) for the past half a century, i don't see there would be a CHANGE . Perhaps the Sarawak state election in 2 years time can be the turning point , no ?

sydput said...

We klang valley flks should thank the oil and gas producing regions, which harbour some of the poorest citizens in the country, for the twin towers, putrajaya and petronas university, which is in Perak, thereby providing trickling effect for the klang valley folks.
We also thank the oil and gas producing regions for depositing their mone in banks located in the klang valley, specifically kuala lumpur, making us richer beyond out means, while the orang asli, dayak and penans languish in their misery.
That is why, the klang valley businessesmen of chinese origins rate mahathir highly. He made them rich using your oil money.
As for the timber, the sale is done overseas. Sarawak will be lucky to see a cent of it coming back. Most of that timber money is deposited in Hong Kong or singapore banks, where it is tax free. That is why Miri tysoons can buy up hong kong newspapers, such as the south china morning post and even buildings.

sydput said...

what I meant to say is that, the richest place on earth is not where the mineral is mined, but where the payment for the mineral is deposited.
Hence the richest places on earth are the financial centres. That is where all the oil, timber, gas, coal, iron, gold are stored.

Anonymous said...

Take pictures of the poor rural folks flying the BN flags and take pictures of the BN YB. Then you compare them. The kingmakers' houses and the kings' houses. Highlight to them

chapchai said...

.....and we have no money to purchase equipment to test for H1N1 (re what George Chan said recently)? And a priest, with the aid of some volunteers from WM, had to provide food aid to some Penans who were on the verge of starvation? It is absolutely obscene when the state can afford to build a new DUN and some rural folks still have no easy access to schools (re the case of the Penan girls who were raped whilst hitching rides from logging company drivers). Will the urban folks of Sarawak please wake up to the injustices committed by the government and boot them out at the next election. We can't allow this man to destroy our country.