Saturday, August 8, 2009

Taib's Politics Of Theft

"Not Development But Theft"

Testimony of Penan Communities in Sarawak against Taib Mahmud's evil plan to dominate the state and exploit its resources for his own, his family's and their cronies' entire benefit: the "Politics of Development", which is actually the "Politics of Theft".

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"This conflict centres on land"

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"Harassment, victimisation and marginalisation of those in indigenous communities (and any one else protesting for native customary rights has been constant and even intensified. In this, the mobilisation of state institutions, including the police and judiciary, has been a feature".

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"What is certain is that none of these proposals or initiatives addressed what for many was (and is) the basic grievance: that their land and cultural rights be recognised".

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"We have seen the problems and experiences of the other communities affected by the logging activities, and we don't want to suffer the same fate".

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"On 28th February, over 1,000 Riot Police, armed with machine guns and tear gas, confronted and threatened the lives of the Penan at the blockade".

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"Why would they need to resort to such action if their interests really are being looked after by the government?"

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"In the same breath that the Sarawak authorities are promoting the Cultural Village near Kuching as a major tourist attraction, revealing the rich cultural diversity of the state, they are destroying the land and rights of exactly those indigenous people, including the Penan, they claim to promote".

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"The (Samling) camp manager promised that they would inform the villagers first before the company started any logging operation in the area. However, two weeks after the meeting, villagers of Long Benalih heard the noise of bulldozers coming from the mountain, and the noise of chainsaws and trees being felled'.

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"The company's spokesperson also promised that monetary compensation were ready for all villagers, while food and drinks are ready at the camp. The villagers refused to go to the camp and the trucks went back... About half an hour later, at least six pick-up trucks arrived at the site. There were about 50 people from the logging company, 50 police field force personnel..."

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