Friday, August 14, 2009

Geram In Baram


Dear YB Dato Jacob Dungau Sagan and YB Lihan Jok.

Without prejudice.

"Are you defending us your voters in Baram or defending Taib?"

YB Dato Jacob Dungau Sagan our MP for Baram during a visit to Kampung Long Banyok, Baram recently told his audience not to listen to those who oppose the proposed Baram hydro project or dam sited between Kampong Long Nahah'a and Kampung Long Kesseh in the middle Baram. YB Jacob even said that he has been forewarned by the authorities that the dam will be implemented elsewhere and the billions of ringgit worth of projects associated with it will also be channelled elsewhere if the Baram people opposed the dam.

YB Lihan Jok on the other hand has said that the proposed dam is "God's gift" to the people in Baram.

But then, Dato Jacob, what is the worth of all the timber from Baram extracted by the big companies all these years? Surely, they were worth hundreds of billions of ringgit. And the remaining timber? Surely, they are at least worth tens of billions of ringgit too. And what about our NCR lands in Baram now illegally alienated by your BN boss, Taib Mahmud, also to the big companies for oil palms and acacia trees? Surely, they are not only worth hundreds of billions of ringgit but will generate tens of billions of ringgit in time to come.

For many terms now you are our wakil rakyat, our MP. Now you are even a Deputy Minister. Do you understand what the roles of wakil rakyat are? You are holder of a master's degree. Surely you know that.

As a wakil of the rakyat of Baram, surely you know it is your most important role to act, speak and fight for and to defend the rights and interests of the rakyat of Baram without whose vote you would not have been what you are today.

So why is it that you have to go along with Taib and the BN govt in threatening the people of Baram that if they do not support the proposed dam, the dam will not only be relocated elsewhere but so-called projects worth so-called billions of ringgits associated with the dam will be channeled elsewhere?

Is it because you want to save your post as Deputy Minister that you so readily support Taib and the BN to threaten our Baram people on the dam? If you do, that means you have abused our trust, mandate and votes as your real purpose is not to be our wakil rakyat but wakil your own personal pocket, agenda and interest!

If you are scared to stand up to speak, fight and defend the rights and interests of the Baram people then you are definitely UNFIT to be our wakil rakyat. A wakil (leader) must be courageous like our ancestor warriors!

There is no point that you became Deputy Minister and enjoy all the many perks and privileges from it but your rakyat in Baram who had steadfastly voted for you for many many terms are continually bullied, humiliated, threatened or held to ransom (with withdrawal of so-called projects) and robbed of our NCR lands and all our resources in it.

If you do not speak out, fight and defend us, then, you are not only failing us as our wakil rakyat but are also consciously SIDING with Taib and the BN and the big companies who robbed and are still robbing us of our rights, our NCR lands, our resources, etc.

Surely, you are fully aware of the continual and aggravating problems faced by the settlers of the Batng Ai and the Bakun dam! If not, pay a personal visit there and talk to the settlers directly about their situation. And don't talk out of ignorance or worse still just simply parrot what your bosses Taib and Jabu (who caused his own Iban people to continue to be the poorest in Malaysia today) say.

Remember! Taib, Jabu, James Masing and the BN also said or promised the same thing before, that the Batang Ai and Bakun dams will bring progress and development! But today they all have abandoned the people affected. SUHAKAM commissioners who personally visited Bakun recently reported that the problems faced by the settlers are worsening!!!!! And the Penans in Belaga are even facing food shortages!!!

YB Lihan Jok, don't simply sell God's name especially when it involves something that destroys HIS blessings, gifts and creations to the people of Baram, namely, the mighty Baram river, our NCR land and its resources and environment which all have supported our people for many many generations without which you and YB Dato' Jacob won't be what you are today.

Remember, it was not Taib, Jabu or the BN that provided your parents the means and resources to send you to school. It was the NCR land that God blessed your parents with and its resources in Baram that enabled your parents to send you to school.

By the way, if you really believe and trust in GOD, then protect and defend God's creations, gifts and blessings, namely, our Baram river from being dammed by Taib!

Don't be afraid but stand courageous and put your complete trust in God's protection of your position as YB, as wakil rakyat or your post as Deputy Minister (like what God did to Daniel when he was thrown into the lions den).

Also do not be worried of being blackmailed or held to ransom with the threat of projects and billions of ringgit to be withdrawn from Baram if we do not support the Baram dam. Those are but only human or worldly threats from Taib, Jabu and the BN! GOD is still the ALMIGHTY One above them. GOD will still provide all our needs according to what we deserve to get from HIM.

Unless you do not trust GOD but your bosses Taib and Jabu!

Hope to hear an early response from our two YBs soon on this.



Anonymous said...

Why all these challenges made to the 2 Aduns? Just plain waste of cyber space and efforts If the writer is so concerned with the plight of the Baram people, then go to the ground and spread the messages quickly. The voice is not important. The votes are. Do not bang the wrong wall and work on the wrong strategy.

Fong Pau Teck 房保德 said...

so... what r u going to do about that?
R u going to do something for ur people??
Pls email me: