Friday, August 28, 2009

Merdeka For Sarawak!

A reminder to all Sarawakians to ponder as the Malayans celebrate their Independence Day this 31st August, 2009:

"How Sarawak Was Conned Into The Formation Of Malaysia".

Independence For Sarawak!

Sarawak Headhunter


chapchai said...

As a Sarawakian, I have always felt that Sarawak was pushed into the Malaysia Agreement by the British who, wanting to rid themselves of their colonies as they were no longer in vogue, found this an opportune way of doing so regardless of the consequences for the people of Sarawak. That is why they picked the three people named above to sign the agreement. Ling Beng Siew never represented the Chinese - he was an opportunist who was only interested in his personal wealth and saw this as his golden opportunity. Jugah and Datuk Bandar, on the other hand, were well respected in their respective communities but the former was illiterate and the latter was an anglophile. When Singapore was ousted from the Federation, Sarawak too should have left and, together with Singapore and maybe Sabah, form a new federation of what was then called the 3 S's. However, all that is water under the bridge now but the upshot of it is SARAWAK IS STILL A COLONY, OF MALAYA. We were handed from one colonial master to another. Should BN ever be kicked out of power in Sarawak and PR forms the next government, Sarawak should negotiate some form of autonomy. At least let us taste a bit of independence which we never had.

Anonymous said...


Weeell said but would it happened?
Every election the Dayak will return BN with bigger majority even when treated with Maggie Mee or land taken away. I buffle at these thoughts.
Good Luck to you if you want a change.


Anonymous said...

To be honestly frank, I am not proud to be a Malaysian.But I'm damn proud that I'm a Sarawkian and I'll give my life to defend her. We Sarawakians had been conned into joining Malaysia. We got nothing but scrapes from the federation. And for us who have been here for generations, we are now considered pendatangs by the stupid Malays from Malaya. I'll be the happiest man on earth I day we see the back of the corrupt and racist BN government.

Proud Sarawakian