Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What UMNo Malays Don't Realise Or Don't Want To Accept

Why can’t some Malays accept the fact?

April 10, 2013

FMT LETTER: From Fishmonger, via e-mail

It is very difficult to get many Malays to understand and accept the sad fact that Umno, the one founded by Tunku Abdul Rahman, is dead and gone. Deregistered as enginered by Mahathir a/l Iskandar Kutty.

Mahathir in his anger at being sacked from Umno by Tunku, plotted revenge against Tunku and Umno. Tunku saw in Mahathir an evil man and many in Umno supported his decision. Mahathir’s best vengence is to allow Umno to be de-registered. And to top it up, he rubbed salt into Tunku’s wound, he formed Umno baru, and coerced Umno members to join Umno Baru. Tunku died a sad man.

Till today, many Malays think that Umno Baru belongs to them, that Umno Baru and Umno is one and the same. They still think they are better off than before, than other Malaysians – which is far from the truth.

The new Umno Baru is solely his, Mahathir’s party. Mahathir made use of the blind patriotism of the Malays to his personal advantage. He used race, religion, royalty to hoodwinked the common Malays to give him their unwavering loyalty, support and adoration. He made sure that Malays became dependent on him, his Umno Baru. That they forever be grateful to him and can only stand on crutches, he said so himself.

Today we don’t have Umnoputras. We only have Umno Barua-putras, a different breed altogether. These new breed has no soul, no shame, no conscience, no integrity, utterly corrupt, resort to threats, blackmail, misuse the law, give out citizenship to undeserving foreigners while rejecting citizenship to bona fide Malaysians, abuse the judiciary, abuse religion for political gains, blackmail the PDRM, MACC, Jabatan Immigresen, civil service, election commission to do its biddings. I could go on and on and I could fill a volume larger and bigger than Rosmah’s biography.

For the past 30 years, Umno Baru held Malaysians to ransom in order to stay in power. With the GE13 looming, its colours begin to change like the chameleon. Goodies here, goodies there like an old santa who forgot that Christmas is over. It maintains that Umno Baru is the only party fit to rule Malaysia, the only pary that can govern.

Yet, today many Malays still support Umno Baru even when there is PAS and PKR as alternatives. Why is it so? I guess Mahathir a/l Iskandar Kutty has done a good job convincing many Malays to sink with the captain and the ship. The fact is that Umno Baru and its ardent supporters are the ones keeping the rest of Malaysia in perpetual slavery to elites like Mahathir and all his cronies.

Sarawak Headhunter's comments:
The presence of "illegal" branches participating in the elections was the main ground of Tengku Razaleigh's legal team but the argument for the deregistration of UMNo was put forward by Mahathir's legal team led by Zaki Tun Azmi.

This was done purposely. This was what they wanted and they knew what they were doing and what they would do (after deregistration) when the Judge accepted the argument, which he had to because that was the law.

The formation of UMNo Baru effectively locked out Tengku Razaleigh and his supporters, even though some including Tengku Razaleigh and "Burn his bridges" Rais Yatim have come crawling and slithering into UMNo Baru. 

What most present UMNo Baru members don't realise is that each of them stands guarantee for all of the old UMNO's liabilities, which could today run into billions of ringgit.

There has been no proper disclosure of UMNo Lama's assets and liabilities taken over by UMNo Baru.

The fact is that UMNo Baru never repaid a single sen of Bank Bumiputra's loan to finance the PWTC complex (RM850 million outstanding at the time of UMNo's deregistration) & thereby caused Bank Bumiputra's ultimate collapse has never been made public or acknowledged and has been covered up.

UMNo is long overdue for final deregistration and its members made to pay for all its liabilities and to pay back all that it has stolen.

It is not going to be easy but it must be done for the sake of all right-minded Malaysians.

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