Friday, March 29, 2013

Who Will Win What In Sarawak In GE-13 UPDATED

Who will win what in Sarawak in GE-13 Updated

The Sarawak BN is confident that it will have at least 25 in the bag out of 31 seats. At least that's what audacious Audie thinks. See his blog posting here.

Sarawak Headhunter thinks it will be the other way around and that 22 seats will go to PR and 9 to BN.

One thing for sure and that is that the Chinese community is highly likely to abandon SUPP completely this round. Not one SUPP parliamentary candidate may survive this time. 

7 SUPP seats

1. Kuching:- Will go to DAP. No change.

2. Stampin:- Will fall to DAP. No change.

3. Serian:- DAP/PKR. An upset here. Richard Riot will be defeated. 50:50

4. Sarikei:- DAP. No change.

5. Lanang:- DAP. Tiong will lose this time. No change.

6. Sibu:- DAP. Oscar Ling has a good chance to win. No change.

7. Miri:- PKR. No change.

SUPP will be almost totally wiped out.

SPDP also has a good chance of losing all its present seats.

4 SPDP seats

8. Mas Gading:- PKR/DAP. PKR Candidate Willy Tumek or DAP Mordi Bimol. 50:50 in a crowded field, edge still with Tiki Lafe standing as an Independent.

9. Saratok:- PKR. Ali Biju will win. No change. Mawan will lose narrowly.
10. Bintulu:- DAP. Tiong will lose inspite of throwing a lot of money on the ground. 50:50, edging towards DAP.

11. Baram:- PKR. Jacob Sagan has been totally discredited and will lose this time. No change even though BN has changed its candidate.

6 PRS seats

12. Sri Aman:- DAP. 50:50.

13. Lubok Antu:- PKR. Nicholas Bawin will win in a 3-cornered fight. No change.

14. Julau:- PRS. Joseph Salang will win even in a 3-cornered match. No change.

15. Kanowit:- PKR. Still 50:50.

16. Ulu Rejang:- PKR. Abun Siu to win in a 4-cornered fight. No change.

17. Selangau:- PKR. May possibly win in a 3-cornered fight as Entulu & Sng knock each other out. 50:50.

14 PBB seats

18. Igan :- PBB. No change.

19. Sibuti:- PAS. Robby Tandang will win. 50:50.

20. Samarahan:- PBB. No change.

21. Betong:- PKR. PKR may lose, now 40:60.

22. Petra Jaya:- PBB. No change.

23. Limbang:- PKR. Baru Bian has the edge here. No change.
24. Lawas:- PKR. Dr. Bob Baru should be able to scrape through. No change.

25. Mambong:- DAP. Mangan Ngandok. 50:50.

26. Mukah:- PBB, if Leo Toyad is not the candidate. Otherwise it is possible that DAP may make history here or a former strong PKR candidate may come back as an independent candidate to haunt him. No change, even though Leo Toyad is still the candidate.

27. Batang Sadong:- PBB. No change.

28. Tanjong Manis:- PBB. New candidate, as it is likely that Norah Tun Rahman will not be standing again. Norah Tun Rahman is still the candidate. No change.

29. Batang Lupar:- PKR/PAS. PBB's Rohani is hardworking but ineffective and without any real ideas how to help develop her constituency. 50:50.

30. Santubong:- PBB. No change.

31. Kapit:- PBB. No change, but possibility of upset. 50:50.

TOTAL FINAL SCORE: DAP - 9 (5), PKR - 12 (7), PBB - 8 (12), PAS - 1 (0), PRS - 1 (4), INDEPENDENT - 1, SWP - 0 (0), SPDP - 0 (1), SUPP - 0 (1).


Anonymous said...

I am not sure how you can be so sure but I hope your predictions will come true.

Anonymous said...

Jgn mimpi di tengah hari panas...puii...tak malu membuat predictions memgarut dan doesntake sense macam ni....poyoooo..

Anonymous said...

Very optimistic,I see.10 seats or possibly 12 most likely.

Anonymous said...

Keep on dreaming pakatan will win many seats. Whatever it is, my vote still go to BN........a proven party who can manage the country irrespective of all allegations against them. No denials that there are abuses here and there, corruption and what have you. BUT its better to work with the devils than unknown angels. Note that ANWAR is the bigger abuser and equally a father of all corruption. I was in the sysytem and I know it.

Anonymous said...

"Note that ANWAR is the bigger abuser and equally a father of all corruption. I was in the sysytem and I know it."

So you must be in corruption also la. Then how I know how credible is your comment

Anonymous said...

Tiong will win in Bintulu. People choose Tiong as a person not as a rep of BN. PBB will retains her seats of Malay/melanaus. Those from the dayaks will be problems. 90% of SUPP seats will go to DAP. One or two bumi SUPP seats will be retained.PRS and SPDP will lose a majority of their seats. Salang will retain his seat in Julau. If PR conquer Putrajaya how will PBB reacts? Just watch what steps Pehin will take? And watch how many YBs from PBB esp. the Bumiputra wing will jump ship

Anonymous said...

8 to 10 + 5bonus

Anonymous said...

I agreed with anon, pehin sri already planted Dr.Juanda in perlis

Anonymous said...

pas candidate for julau..... PKR 2008, SNAp 2011, PAS 2013!

Ambrose Labang Jamba is a desperate man who has been declared a bankrupt by financial institutions and was asked to relinquish his senior government post because of his involvement in corruption during his tenure as government servant

Julau division chairman of PKR Ambrose Labang and his deputy, secretary and a committee member resigned today from Parti Keadilan Rakyat. He went to the BN operations centre at Batang Ai just to announce their resignations.

The three others are Wong Kee Kai (deputy), Kajang Unan (secretary) and Kundi Untung (a committee member).

He said that the PKR would never be able to carry out development programmes or help the people. People in the rural areas need the BN as such they should not waste their times any more with PKR.

pas candidate for sibuti...keturunan edward jeli

Dayaks will never ever forgive traitor edward jeli 1987

PR already give 2 seats to bn

Anonymous said...

PBB will retain nearly all seats except for Batang Lupar. Rohani may say goodbye.. DAP will retain all the seats and will win some more. SUPP will lose all the chinese majority seats and will retain one or two bumi seats. SPDP will lose all seats except Bintulu. Tiong will win the seat. PAS will remain winless .pRS may lose two seats.