Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Open Letter From "Pemancha Lun Dayeh"


To all my anak-anak Lun Dayeh,

After more than half a century of so called independence, finally I see some glimmer of hope for my people. Finally my people are beginning to wake up albeit only a handful. May I encourage those who had contributed to these email loops, people like Buraksem, Bujang Tugun, Penghulutg, Lake Jaro, Tua Kampung Long Kavuk, Bavui Uve, Dick Bala, Bit, Ding and the others to continue to give inputs into these loops. As the Sarawak General Election draws ever closer, let us intensify our efforts.

Do not be discouraged, be strong and be courageous. After the prophet Elijah had that dramatic confrontation with the prophets of Baal, and Jezebel was after his head, he fled to the wilderness. While totally exhausted and lonely, he cried out to God to take his life as he thought he alone was left to make a stand for God, and God told him "there are 7000 people, which He reserved, people who had never bent their knees to Baal. Thus in this struggle one can often feel lonely - remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

For the majority in these email loops allow me to gently remind you, STOP being so passive, STOP being so comfortable in your little corner, in the comfort of your home, STOP that indifferent attitude. START becoming more active and proactive. When we all do our little part, it will make it much easier to achieve our target - positive change, justice and fairness, progress and prosperity for our people. Martin Luther King said "the thing that hurts the most is not the laughter of our enemies, it is the silence of our friends".

Over the last few days the papers have been full of strange statements from the powers that be, specifically the Sarawak state leaders. Maklumlah TOK Uban baru kahwin, he even equates politics to men courting beautiful girls. In his version BN is the honest, sincere man while PR is the manipulative, insincere man who only wants to take advantage of the beautiful girl. However in many people's mind, the fact that all the top leaders are having mistresses and girlfriends every where is not because they are honest, sincere, or attractive - it is mainly because of money, glamour and power.

Tok Uban also talks about his "shock" at the deprived state of the people of Pulau Bruit. And he "pleaded" with the relevant authorities to do something to ease their suffering as many of them were and are malnourished - is he not "the King" of Sarawak? Is it not that his word is law? Besides that he and Jabu have been telling the whole world that Sarawak is the top three most developed and richest state in Malaysia.

When he says "yes" who in the government would dare to say "no"? He also said he could not resign because he could not find a suitable qualified successor. My goodness, what  is wrong with this guy? Nobody in this world is indispensable. One thing is certain, he is too "shok" with his new bride, that he is still in dreamland. There are many more things under my observation, due to time constraints, I will share with you all another time.

In the mean time let us be aware, and consciously remind ourselves that this is the season where wickedness and lies will spread like wild fire and be uttered by the very people that our poor people trust and look up to. This is the season where the powers that be will promise  the sky, the moon, and the stars. And this is the season where people with itchy ears will again choose to believe those empty promises. To all anak-anak Lun Dayeh I urge you all to think clearly, rationally, and wisely. Your future and the future of our people is in your hands. So vote wisely!!! God bless us all.


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