Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is this Anwar & Azmin's Promised "Autonomy" For Sarawak?

March 05, 2011
The Malaysian Insider
Comments by Sarawak Headhunter in red.
SNAP should not consort with PR’s rivals if it intends to remain part of the pact, said Azmin. — file pic 

Who SNAP consorts with is entirely up to SNAP and none of Azmin's or any other Malayan's business. SNAP will do what is best for Sarawak and Sarawakians, not for Malaya and Malayans.

If the cost of "privileged" membership is having to be dictated to by Anwar and Azmin, who know or care absolutely nothing about Sarawak and Sarawakians, SNAP should forgo it.
KUALA LUMPUR, March 5 — PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has told Sarawak National Party (SNAP) to subscribe to Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) policies if it wanted its demands accommodated in seat negotiations for the coming state polls. 

What are PR's policies, poll manipulation like seen in the recent PKR polls? What does PKR or PR know or care about Sarawak, other than as a stepping stone to Putrajaya? Why should a pure Sarawakian party like SNAP have to subscribe to PKR or PR's Malayo-centric policies which are totally irrelevant to Sarawak?
The leader also warned the local party against rubbing shoulders with PR’s rivals in the state, claiming that the pact was growing “uncomfortable” with reports of such occurrences.

This is exactly what Malayans don't understand about Sarawak and why PKR/PR is so short-sighted. Sarawakians, no matter what the rhetoric of their politics, don't regard fellow Sarawakians as enemies in the manner that Malayans do their fellow Malayans who may be of differing political opinions or parties. 

To a large measure, this kind of polarisation of Sarawak politics was fostered by the Malayans and taken full advantage of by Taib and his cronies in a completely non-Sarawakian way totally alien to Sarawakians.

All Sarawakians know this and do not wish to see a repeat, whether by BN or PKR/PR. Is this so difficult for Malayans to understand?

Does Azmin think that everyone in the Sarawak BN supports Taib?
“They (SNAP) have to decide the future of the party. If they want to be a member of PR, then subscribe to our policies.

SNAP must and will remain independent, even if pro-opposition. In the face of the colonial mindset of Malayans like Anwar and Azmin, this is imperative. Who else will remain to protect the interests of Sarawak and Sarawakians if all opposition parties were to subscribe to policies of PKR/PR that are not beneficial to Sarawak and Sarawakians?

“They should not discuss matters with rivals. They have done it quite in the open, too, and we are sending a strong message to them that if you want to be a part of PR, then certainly you have to adhere to our policies,” he told The Malaysian Insider yesterday.

Sarawakians do not hide things like the Malayans do. Those who are our rivals today may not be our rivals tomorrow. Which Sarawakian (let alone those in SNAP) gives a flying pig's arse about Azmin's "strong message"? He can shove it where the sun doesn't shine! (With Sarawak Headhunter's unrepentant apologies for the "strong" language).

Azmin added that once SNAP was willing to establish its commitment to PR, the pact would be willing to “accommodate” the party’s demands in seat negotiations for the impending state polls.

All Azmin's talk of "accomodation" is mere hypocrisy and a sheer lie. What happened to the promises of "autonomy" for Sarawak and Sabah? Begin NOW! There should be no comment or interference from Anwar or Azmin. Let the State leadership of PKR/PR decide. 

Rumours have placed Sarawak’s next state elections as early as the first week of April with talk that Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud will likely dissolve the state assembly by March 19.

The Sarawak government’s mandate expires in July this year.

“But they have to decide... then, we can accommodate. Then, we are open to discussions,” he said.

Actually, it's the other way around. Show some sincerity and less hypocrisy and maybe SNAP will be more open to discussions and more amenable to cooperate.

The Sarawak-based SNAP, PR’s newest ally in the east Malaysian state, and the coalition’s three core parties of PKR, DAP and PAS, are believed to have reached a deadlock in negotiations over how to divide the 71 state seats up for grabs among themselves in the looming contest.

This is only because of interference from the Malayans. Does anyone think that even Najib/UMNO or the Federal BN will dare to interfere with Sarawak BN's (Taib's) choice of candidates? Why should the Sarawak PR opposition have to listen to any Malayan then? Are Malayans the masters of Sarawakians and are Sarawakians their slaves? 

The Malaysian Insider understands that PKR hopes to take the lion’s share by fielding 52 candidates while SNAP is now demanding to contest in at least 30 constituencies, up two seats from the previous 28 it had contested during the 2006 polls.

DAP is seeking to field 20 candidates while PAS is content with about four or five seats.

Even accommodating the bulk of SNAP's requests (not demands as mischievously put by The Malaysian Insider) say up to 26 seats, PKR will have at least 22 seats, DAP 20 seats and PAS should not have more than 3 to contest, if winnability is to be the main factor.

Of these seats, Sarawak Headhunter predicts the outcome to be 37:34, whether in favour of PR or BN, with up to 8 seats which can go either way. DAP may win up to 12 seats, PAS 1 or 2, PKR 11 and SNAP 12, (total 36 or 37) giving a very bare majority for PR to govern.

In such circumstances, PR will need not only to hang on to all its ADUNs but also to attract a significant number from BN to be able to govern comfortably. In other words, PR will need all the friends it can get and so does not need Azmin's "advice" about not discussing matters with rivals.

Tedwin Ngumbang's independent faction must also be taken into account. This group could be the one to tip the balance either way. 

But Azmin also stressed that negotiations would be based on consensus among all four PR parties and focus would be on the “winnability” of the candidates.

This "consensus" must not be forced upon Sarawak by Malaya.

“We have to look at the seats and at the candidates. There must be a formula for winnability because this is of paramount importance to us in the elections,” he reasoned.

Azmin revealed that he would be flying to Sarawak today to meet with local PR leaders on the issue.

“There are presently some overlapping seats and we need to discuss this. This will be the main agenda of my meeting with the state leadership and hopefully, I will be able to bring back some good news to the PR leadership.

“What is important is that we are able to conclude this whole exercise quickly and amicably,” he said.

Hopefully more amicably than the PKR polls.
Azmin, however, claimed that his presence in Sarawak was not to dictate terms to the state leadership but to obtain feedback to update PR’s national leadership.

Ya lah tu!

“We always try as much as we can not to intervene in their process, but of course, certainly we will have a role to play if there is an overlap in any seat.

You don't have any role to play, period!

“Then, we will provide assistance and advice,” he said.

Who believes this guy?

However, Azmin expressed confidence that the matter would be resolved in time for the pact to ready itself for the crucial polls.

“I believe in the wisdom of the Sarawak leadership. I am sure we will be able to strike a balance,” he said.

Only without interference from Anwar or Azmin and other Malayans.

In an interview with The Malaysian Insider earlier, Azmin had said that SNAP should contest in fewer seats.

PKR has many more unwinnable candidates, unlike SNAP. Why should SNAP give way on this? It is PKR and PAS who should contest in fewer seats.

He also said that negotiations with the local party would begin with “nothing more than three seats”.

What an insult! If this represents PR's "accomodation" and sincerity, then SNAP will be justified to reject it outright.
It is likely that SNAP will clash with PKR as both are eyeing constituencies with Dayak and Iban majorities, while DAP will move in on Chinese-majority urban centres.

There will be no clash if PKR acknowledges the reality on the ground, that SNAP has a better chance in many of the constituencies with Dayak and Iban majorities (especially against PRS and SPDP) that PKR is under the mistaken impression it can win.

Sarawak Barisan Nasional presently holds 63 of the 71 seats in the Sarawak legislative assembly.

Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) holds 12 seats while its BN partners Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) hold eight seats each.

Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), helmed by Taib, holds the majority with 35 seats.

An English-language daily reported earlier this week that speculations have now indicated that the state assembly may be dissolved as early as March 19 while nominations would likely be set for April 2 and polling day on April 9.

Taib has four months until the assembly is automatically dissolved on July 23.

Taib's political life and that of BN Sarawak is at an end, provided the State PR does the right thing without any interference from Malaya.


Mohd said...

if SNAP thinks that it can change the system on its own, they can get lost. I'm tired of this non-stop bickering. Our country is steep in federalism, when are you guys gonna realized without a united front, nobody can bring down BN. Before anybody accuse me of licking to the Malayans, let me tell you, I am Sarawakian. I want nothing more than a more autonomous Sarawak, but before we divide the loot, we must win the war 1st. When are we going to stop with this regionalism posturing. Damn immature!!!!

Hansley Arnaz Hawana said...

What we see here is greedy plus ego. That's the best word to describe both these political allies cum enemy (stupid, damn stupid). Please handle this situation carefully. SNAP is alive now because those sentiments brought by those insurgence started in KL when DSAI got his eye blacked. Then the whole nation suddenly woke up from their daydreaming.

And only years after that incident the Sarawakians started to have their guts back to dare those in the corridor of power.

PAS and DAP have been doing it for over forty years now.They were joined by PKR some twelve years ago. And SNAP have been dead asleep all those years, kowtowing Taib Mahmud all the way and some of them became 'filthy' rich.

And it seemed like only yesterday we see the people of Sarawak started to see the uprisings. And the sentiments are there for the grabs, then only SNAP put themselves in the picture. It's ok. We always believe that Sarawak is for Sarawakians.

You think any of those in KL wants to be the KM of Sarawak? Please, by god's sake, sit together and plot the downfall of BN in Sarawak, then only you decide who will be power next in Sarawak ... believe me it's gonna be Sarawakians.

SNAP is only keen to be in power in Sarawak no matter with whom they'll sleeping with. Just like a hooker!

Anonymous said...

We have been doing nothing but compromising with KL. Always we got the worse end of bargain. Alot W.Malaysia talk about winds of changes, but weren't these the same people who happily voted for BN until 2004. Happily screwing us sarawakian. breaking all the agreements. Oh now they say trust us we have change. yeah right. Check your history, everything was done so that politician who who obey K.L stay in power. Well they allowed the corruption and bullying of east malaysia. poetic justice that the corruption is keep alive by the corruption in east malaysia now. karma sucks doesn't it. they have to play fair to people in Sarawak if they want to change the whole country.

Anonymous said...

I like this:

This is exactly what Malayans don't understand about Sarawak and why PKR/PR is so short-sighted. Sarawakians, no matter what the rhetoric of their politics, don't regard fellow Sarawakians as enemies in the manner that Malayans do their fellow Malayans who may be of differing political opinions or parties.

We need people who really care about sarawak to govern the state.


Anonymous said...

In surport of Mr. Mohd, i agree with his statment for that matter. I am also a Sarawakian of the dayak ethinic. Before the wind of change started by PR on the Malaysian political frontier, SNAP was licking BN Ass.Only when they got kick out from BN by their own species ( their own people) and change it into SPDB, SNAP was in the wildeness and a party of no face valve. Nobody dare to be associated with them beside the die hard fan ( office bearer ). All the while PR have been working hard ever since Anwar was in jail today where by SNAP was just like a lame duck doing nothing but just licking it's wound beside doing nothing.

When the BN government saw that the PR was united lately, only then the BN gov. decided to revive SNAP solely to be instument to divide the PR members.SNAP should not think of themselve but the rakyat. SNAP unreasonable demand just because they are sarawak base ( Dayak party ) without any proven tract record is nothing to go by. By claiming that they can deliver because they are a dayak party is worse still. Are the other parties without dayak too ? SNAP is just trying to make a short cut where by others have work hard to gain ground in Sarawak. SNAP is trying to claim what others have work hard for. Just because that you r dayak base party that all the dayak will support you ? PBDS was muct better off then SNAP. Please priorities the rakyat and not you yourself. This is the BN CULTURE THAT BEING INHERETTED

Anonymous said...

You can take a headhunter out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the headhunter.

Politics is an art of negotiation. If you persistently call West Malaysians Malayans, you are not ready for the modern living.

You are better off going back to your jungle and lead a nomadic life of your ancestors. And when you are done hunting enough heads to prove your manhood, BN bulldozers will be at your door step.

By then, the skulls you bravely collected are mere souvenirs, no jungle, no manhood, and no wife.

Sang Kancil Guru said...

@Anon at March 5, 2011 10:16 PM:

And you can take Anwar-Azmin out of UMNO, but you cant take the UMNO out of Anwar-Azmin. And for Azmin, you cant take his eunuch-petty ways out of him either. First thing for the Sarawak Headhunters is to collect the heads of political hypocrites, BN and PKR included!!

Jong said...

Yeah, hunt them down those opportunists on both side of the political divide!

The truth is Sarawak needs fresh young politicans with new ideas to replace the tired ones who not only overstayed but don't seem to get things done for decades! Time they go or be thrown out.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about SNAP. I don't care about PKR. We just want to vote taib out. Taib must go. We are the new voter. We hate Taib. Too long in power. We don't care if PKR win the election. SNAP is from BN before. If they win the election, they will be frog like what always happened in peninsular. They should stay in the recycling bin.All young voters. Please vote Taib out. Don't waste your vote.

Anonymous said...

SNAP will be the spoiler in the coming state elections and this is for sure. Most of the politicians in SNAP are ex-BN and they are supported and planted by Taib in time for the state elections.

SNAP is pre-planned to be part of the opposition and come nearer the election dates, they will create all sort of nonsense to destabilise the opposition pact.

If SNAP is sincere in throwing Taib and BN out, the SNAP should allow thier strength to win those seats allocated to them.

The question most Sarawakians had been asking is : Why SNAP did not demand more seats than that allocated when they were in BN then ? Why is SNAP demanding more seats in the Sarawak Opposition Alliance ?

This is the spoiler for the Opposition pact to form the next Sarawak State government.

If SNAP is sincere, let the Opposition pact of PKR, DAP, PAS and SNAP form the next state government and see how all the component parties will perform. If they do not perform then vote them out by all means.

What the people do not want is to keep politicians who are more interested in robbing and bullying them into submission of their own NCR land.

Anonymous said...

They are all the same as their counterparts in BN. Greedy monkeys fighting over a few bananas. They don't give a shit to the people in the state. SNAP should snap out of their dreams of ruling the state. They lost it long ago, destroyed by people like James Wong and a few greedy and egoistical leaders. Too many frogs in a small pool and they think they own the universe. PKR is no different. DAP probably would win more seats than PKR in the state election. More Dayaks should join DAP rather than waste their time trying to revive a dead horse like Snap.

B Saing said...


I admire your strong and passionate support for Sarawak and how it has been treated badly, specially the Dayaks by the Malayan political elites since its became part of Malaysian federation. During these times, Sarawak was belittled by the Malayan government, colonized, derived of its cultural heritage, education and infrastructure for development, and there many more to be mentioned where Sarawakians were ignored and left behind in every opportunity to develop. At that times, every Sarawakian was scare stiff to say anything against Malayan political elites, the UMNO, the colonial master, until the treatment of Anwar Abrahim, and this was the begining of flood gate of expression and the frustration of the Sarwakians felt as they wrote through the blog websites and other net sites.

That said, however, you need to be a bit more balance with your analysis of the role of SNAP and what it will do during the selection of seats with other parties. One thing for sure, SNAP cannot go alone in this dynamic political environment, it needs to negotiate and compromise with other parties to find common ground to get rid of Taib's BN parties. All political parties need to be inclusive, and if SNAP is following the path of UMNO, an exclusive and a racist party, then SNAP can say good bye to Sarawak.

Only from unity we find strength, and through strength we can defeat the Taib's BN and his cronies at the next election.

Change we must. Sama betulung meh bala kita Sarawak.

B Saing

chapchai said...

I watched the video of Raja Petra giving a talk at the Australian National University recently. He pointed out that UMNO holds only 70 odd seats in Parliament. The reason it is in power today is because it is propped up by MCA, GErakan, MIC and particularly Sarawak and Sabah, UMNO's "fixed deposits". Let us Borneans bear this in mind when we go to the upcoming state polls. Let us send a message to the Fed. govt. not to mess with us by drastically reducing Sarawak's and Sabah's majority in the respective State Assemblies. From this platform we will then be able to work towards winning the general election in a couple of years' time.

Anonymous said...

Is this issue a way to disintegrate the opposition? Remember, SNAP was revived simply becoz BN knows opposition is getting stronger and not to be taken lightly. And this is the way to do knowing quite well these old, greedy & egoistic veterans will go in this trap. SNAP comprises of many veteran YBs, and losers in many opportunities and former BN party members. These veterans never seem to learn from past mistakes of how BN cunningly disunite the dayaks thruogh Pesaka-Bumiputra setup, the split up of SNAP, Tajem_Masing power tussle to split PBDS further. This is really Dayak Lama mentality! So arise Dayak Baru.... he professionals, the bold and those free frm corruption & cronyism and with high moral values (Jgn macam ramai YB veteran yg perlu ada lebih dari satu isteri!!!)

Badang said...

actually Snap giving a really bad memory to where I came from and it's James Wong I'm talking about. this guys real corrupter too. he did represent Limbang for quite long but did nothing to us beside cheating our people with zink and his rm30/50 on election days. I just hope Snap change this days.. but to be frankly..if I have another Sarawak party I will not ever vote for Snap.. but when it come to Taib Bn and Snap..I will still choose snap because Taib is just another James Wong.. oo sorry Taib's the worst ever.. i forgot even I always remember. PKR.. we can accept them for now but remember if they're not doing well just vote them out after 5 years.. lets practice the real democracy and show them (PR/BN) as voters, we are they one who real ruler of Sarawak.. not our MB or Taib that dream to become sultan of sarawak...haha.. let decide and act for us and our descendant. Yes we can.. they hundred thousand of us and they're only less than hundred MB in Sarawak.. that means.. we are d RULER.. changes BN to PR now.. lets try their 100 days reform plan. if they fail still we'll do our job.. it's us Sarawakian to decide, we even can vote Sarawak out of Malaysia.. its posibble.. when can dream of anything if we unite and if we have believe.. just remember.. we are the real RULER of Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

West Malaysian (WM) always has superiority complex over us. What is so clever about them? Their aim is to control Sarawak and plunder all our $$$. Why stick with WM, you are outnumbered and will not get anything good by teaming with them? If they care about the East, they should let us have autonomy and do what we think right.
We have to be concerned with what belongs to us. The plundering by BN has produced a big dent in our State. We have to win the next election and govern ourselves our ways. This world now is a very different world; even if we all fight together we would still have difficulty to ward off globalization impact. Why tie your fellow-men to toil hard and be nose-led by the West?
Now election is near, you have to convince your mass since most of them are kept uninformed, poor and often deceived by dehumanized bait offer of $600/door at the expense of their land and their forest? Tell them, take the offer and vote for parties other than BN!
Our lives will continually slide downhill unless the folks in the country side are taught to think laterally i.e. their future is at stake, the offer is peanut compared to what they have to lose. So take their offer and cast vote to the other parties. Unless they can do this, we will all soon be doomed. You know that Sarawak’s coffer is empty now by the BN (Taib)? Once the ship goes down, all of us will sink with it. But, of course, the corrupted rich evils will fly off to live in another land and live like princes. Can we allow them to do so?
On another topic, why everything has to be approved in the West? The $$ from the oil and gas (Bintulu) are ours, why it has to be controlled by the West? Why we need them to approve allocations or business licenses to us? Why need West Malaysians to head the Departments in our State? As a fellow true blooded Sarawakian, I fell to understand.SOS. Bring down the BN first only then we can have a bigger voice to countr the West.

Anonymous said...

SNAP can do whatever that they feel like they want to do. Why should they be threatened by some a**holes from the west. Let Sarawak people decide their own future.

PKR, DAP and others should learn to respect Sarawakians in Sarawak. You people come into Sarawak and start pushing your weight around as though the Sarawak people owes you their lives. Do you come into your neighbour's house and start screwing the wife and disciplining the children? Learn to respect the tuan rumah and you will gain respect for yourself and not loose face. By the way, I'm from the West and I fully support the Sarawak people should determine their own future... in their own terms

Sarawak Undermined said...

Hi guy PKR/ pakatan sarawak is lead by all best brain sarawakian who had physically fighting for the land for sarawakian. so what nonsense are Snap talking about. what a shame because of the new frogs coming into the block SNap beturned traitor to the dayaks.