Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Special Meeting Of Pastors & Church Leaders, Miri 15-11-2010

To All concerned Christians,

This Councillor Dennis Ngau Jok (younger brother of former SIB President Jok Wan) Telang Usan PBB Youth Chief is organising a special meeting of Pastors and Church leaders on Monday next week ie 15.11.2010 in Miri and Dennis is inviting the womaniser who is also SUPP's useless President George Chan to attend the meeting. 

George Chan & his latest 'Toy' an Orang Ulu lady. What happened to his Chinese 2nd wife the organist?

Will our men of God our shepherds ie our pastors and church leaders stand up firmly against the evils of BN! BN banned our importation of our bibles from Indonesia, banned our use of Allah, BN took our NCR lands etc NOW BN WANTS TO USE OUR PASTORS AND CHURCH LEADERS! Don't you think this is a humiliation and a disgrace to our God! 

Dennis's own Long Bedian SIB Church and longhouse is split bcos of his and Lihan Jok's BN/PBB politics,  so what role model is he and George Chan?! Please pass this on. Call our SIB President on this and most important of all, pray to our Almighty God for our guidance and protection in all this development.

Let's Fight Against the Forces Of Darkness
Received via email from Diew Yet. 


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell they are trying to tie the pastors hands also.

papayuk said...

The spirit of all past established religions has long gone dead and buried.All that are left are useless rituals and dogmas,which they worship oblivious of the fact that they are the idols of their own vain imagination.

All religions of the Adamic cycles,has ended but the leaders of religion refuse to accept them and continue to indulge themselves in the fanciful interpretation of the own evil desires.They glorify themselves as learned and knowledgeable,but they are actually evil in disguise.They continue to deny God and literally interpret God's words according to their own limited understanding.

They issued edicts etc to gag the people,to protect their own pecuniary interest,but none conforms to reality as it is never from God.In fact they made themselves God,to sway allegiance unto themselves,WHAT A FIFTY MISCREANTS.