Monday, November 15, 2010

Lessons Of The PKR Debacle

Lessons of the PKR Debacle (Tweets by Sarawak Headhunter): 

1. Practise what you preach. If you don't, your hypocrisy will be on show. If you can't, stop preaching. 

2. Don't talk about reform if you can't reform yourself first. 

3. What you require of others, expect others to require of you. 

4. Don't pretend to be a saint if you are not. You will be found wanting when called to account. 

5. Pretending all is well when it isn't is a sign of self-delusion attempting to perform mass delusion. 

6. What applies to UMNO/BN also applies to PKR/Pakatan & vice versa. The truth will always prevail, inspite of us. 

7. Hidden agendas have a way of making themselves known the more they are hidden. 

8. In Age of Internet shutting people up is an impossible & futile task, only thing to do is face not evade issues. 

(To be continued)


arimi said...

greeting from Sabah! Sabah's PKR isn't in good shape either, not only in peninsular.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up bro'. Expose all the hypocrisy of politicians.

Jong said...

Very well said, the truth hurts, huh! I agree 100% but, will pkr ever learn? I like to think so, for the sake of Pakatan Rakyat.

Whenever criticisms from observers, concerned citizens and/or PR supporters, were hurled at them, they take it as having personal vendetta against them. If that is their attitude that they can do no wrong and owe no one any explanation then it's just too bad.

The likes of Azmin Ali and Saifuddin Nasution can continue to smirk and 'syiok sendiri' since proclaimed 'winners' in their recently concluded(???) fraudulent pkr party election when only 8% of members voted! Such dishonesty and what a pyrrhic victory when they have lost so much what credibility is left?