Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taib Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag!

According to a recent report in Bernama, "Bumiputeras Still With BN In Next Sarawak State Election", Taib said that "the bumiputeras are humble. They know they are poor and in difficulty. So they place high hopes in the government to help them out".

Help them out??? The reality is the exact opposite! See this article in Malaysia Today, "Money for everything else but the poor" and the original article by Dr John Brian Anthony in Dayak Baru, "The "Dayak" genocide by the government".

It was also reported that he said that although there were people from outside trying to undermine their confidence in the government, the Malays, Ibans, Melanaus and others had been "humble enough to recognise that they still depend on a working government for their fate."

The question is after almost 30 years of Taib's rule, WHY are the bumiputeras still poor and in difficulty?! Is it not because of his rule? While the bumiputeras place high hopes in the government to help them out, Taib has been busy lining his own pockets, fattening his overseas bank accounts and those of his family and cronies.

High hopes indeed! The people have been depending on crooks to help them and all the while the BN regime's Chief Thief Taib and his gang have been looting and plundering the natural resources of Sarawak - the Federal BN its petroleum resources and Taib its timber and land resources!

They have kept the Bumiputeras poor so that the latter will continue to depend on their corrupt and thieving government for the few crumbs that are thrown to them.

Taib has let the pusak out of the bag! Taib is the one responsible for the position the poor and deprived Bumiputeras find themselves in, in spite of almost 30 years of his so-called "politics of development".

See also the Malaysiakini report "Bumi votes in the bag, says CM Taib" and at Hornbill Unleashed. This is a show of sheer baseless bravado by Taib, hoping to intimidate or convince the Bumiputeras of Sarawak to keep on sleeping.

WHAT "development" for the poor Bumiputeras (and other poor Sarawakians as well)? If there had been any real development, there wouldn't be any poor Sarawakians. "Politics of deprivation, division and deceit" is more like it!

WHY should Sarawakians continue to depend on Taib and his equally evil Foochow towkay backers and BN Malayan sponsors who have made their billions and wasted billions as well at poor Sarawakians' expense?

If the Bumiputeras and other Sarawakians don't realise this by now and vote against Taib & BN in the coming state elections, then Allah help them! Taib certainly won't!


chapchai said...

The bumiputeras were poor when Sarawak became "independent" (I use this word advisedly) through the formation of Malaysia. They are still poor today, as Taib pointed out. If he has his way he and his cronies will keep them poor and uneducated for a long, long time, aided and abetted by his fellow Bumi cronies. We the voters can not allow this to happen. Enough is enough. If Sibu, the bastion of SUPP, could turn down Najib's offer of millions the rest of Sarawak should hold their heads high and say "We don't want your scraps. We want what is rightfully ours!", and take back from Taib and his family what they have stolen from Sarawak.

pinsysu said...

wat taib is telling sarawakians: i must keep u ppl poor so dat i can continue to manipulate poor ppl's mind. when u poor, u are more concerned wif wat's on dinner table & u will be blind to see all my excesses ... when i scatter some crumbs on floor for u, u'll jumping for joy & be grateful to my 'kindness' for eternity ... vote for BN - help to bankrupt Msia!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I think the natives of Sarawak are too naive to do anything positive to change their status;perhaps their elected reps are to blame because they are only mouth and do what their master tells them.So sad and pathetic. There are a few genuine good people like eg Baru Bian but they are not reaching down the line.Poor poor Sarawak.


Anonymous said...

Have you read this?
Then you will know....
You know why he wants to build more dams?
It's interesting to see in another blog.
If you can't get it let me know.

Mata Kuching said...

Mr Taib Mahmud had asked the voters in Balingian to continue to support BN although the people didn’t like him.

Mr Taib Mahmud knows that with the demise of UMNO controlled BN all the corrupted UMNOputras and BN leaders in East Malaysian states will be investigated. When Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya all UMNOputras and BN leaders including Mr Taib Mahmud will lose their immunity and protections . The MACC, Judicial, PDRM , and the Executive will be revamped and strengthened.

BN Sarawak reactions are understandable because they are running scared. PAS and PKR in Pakatan are not disuniting Muslims and the Malays nor compromising on the special rights of the poor Malays and Bumiputras who still need government assistance. Pakatan Raykat are against massive corruptions, power abuses, leakages and wastages of the UMNO controlled BN government. Malaysians who supported Pakatan Rakyat’s policies and governance are not anti-government. They are all for good governance and a corrupt free government.

AS the power to rule a country and a state lies with the people and not with politicians, no Malaysians will want to be hook-winked by themselves. To label the Opposition as anti-government and only knowing how to spread lies and “bark” are insulting the intelligence of the very people who hold the power to vote a government of their own choice. UMNO controlled BN is losing itself as the people’s choice and Malaysians are not only voting against BN but they have PR to vote for now.

UMNO controlled BN may actually be a good and effective Opposition party to offer check and balance on the Pakatan Rakyat government when the role has been reversed.

After 52 years of mismanagement by UMNO controlled BN government Pakatan Rakyat has passed the test as a viable alternative and earns the right to be the government in waiting.

It is no coincident that more than 60% of Sarawak are still undeveloped and more than 70% of the rural populations are living on less than RM700.00 income per month.

It is no coincident that about 20% of sub-urban areas like Santubong, Bako, Batu Kawa, Matang, and Siburan, just to name a few are still deprived of basic electricity and treated water.

Such is the direct results of mismanagement, corruptions and abuse of power of the UMNO controlled BN government in Sarawak led by the paramount pirate Mr Taib mahmud and all his stooges in the BN component.

Malaysians in Sarawak and including our oppressed and helpless brothers and sisters living in remote and undeveloped parts of Sarawak can not only deny the highly corrupted regime 2/3 majority and YES, WE CAN CHANGE THIS CORRUPTED REGIME in the coming state election. Together with our brothers and sisters in Sabah, we can deny UMNO of its fixed deposits in East Malaysia.


Mata Kuching said...

All the young Dayaks intellectuals currently in PBB, SPDP and PRS who are brave like “Rentap” and who can see for themselves how the Dayaks have been marginalised and neglected by BN should seriously think of quitting UMNO controlled BN and join SNAP to ensure the Bumiputras in Sarawak are on par with the Malays in term of preferential treatmeant. Even in the civil service, the Bumiputras in Sarawak form less than 10% as compared to more than 70% for the Malays.

The statistic for places in higher education locally was also lop-sided between Malay bumiputras and Dayaks bumiputras. Whilst the affirmative policies such as the NEP only benefited less than 20% of the Malays in West Malaysia, the situation in Sabah and Sarawak are worse with less than 5% of the bumiputras benefited in the East Malaysian states.

These are the result of blatant mismanagement of resources, funding and wealth distribution. The schemes of the development showed a systematic pattern in siphoning and squandering the people’s money in the 53 years of UMNO controlled BN government rule.

The window of opportunity is now wide open in SNAP for all young Dayaks intellectuals to work with the DAP, PKR and PAS in Pakatan Rakyat.

Sarawak4Change. Dayaks4Change. Save Sarawak. Save Malaysia.

Amir Ridhwan said...

forget development. what more useful is the people have more spending power. make goods cheap and that is way better than having highways, shopping malls etc.

people don't need job opportunity. they need the chance to preserve their way of living.