Thursday, June 3, 2010

Subsidizing RM300+ Billion Of Corruption & Gross Mismanagement

If Malaysia becomes bankrupt in 9 years time, it will not be because of the so-called "subsidies" that the government gives the people. It will be because of the people having to bear the brunt of subsidizing the government's corruption, gross mismanagement and wastage.

Idris Jala unfortunately got hold of the wrong end of the stick, deliberately or otherwise. Either way he is a fool and will soon be the scapegoat for something that is not his fault.

See a very good article by Abang Benet in Aliran, "Excuse me, Idris! Just who is addicted to subsidies?". To quote Abang Benet, "Heck, is Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud even going to buy into Idris Jala’s rhetoric? God knows, Taib and his family have benefited most from the pillage of Sarawak’s resources via the NEP. And what about Sabah CM Musa Aman and his coterie of greedy hanger-ons? Why should they stop living it up just because Idris Jala said so and just because the country risks tipping into bankruptcy?"

"Indeed, who really has been “living beyond our means”? Have ordinary Malaysians “been living beyond our means”? Have poor Chinese, rural Malay farmers and Indian plantation workers “been living beyond our means”? Have the Penans “been living beyond their means”?"

UMNO cannot afford to do away with these "subsidies" unless it wishes to actually lose the next general elections - which it is already at risk of losing. At the same time, UMNO needs to point its dirty fingers at these "subsidies" to account for the nation's current RM362 billion debt. Apparently UMNO's well-documented corrupt practices, governmental mismanagement, wastage and countless other abuses have had nothing to do with this. Who are they trying to fool? Idris Jala?

In the Free Malaysia Today article "Don't hold people to ransom over RM362b debt", the MP for Tawau is quoted as saying "It is wrong to give the perception that the accumulated debt of RM362 billion is due mainly to the subsidies given to the people".

The article goes on to say "She said the arguments by federal leaders for ending the subsidies were just a desperate measure to cover up for “their past recklessness in managing the country's resources”" and that "The government contends that its subsidy programme costs it RM74 billion annually".

A pertinent question that Sarawak Headhunter wants to ask is "Who is subsidizing whom? Is the government subsidizing the people or the people subsidizing the government?"

Now we know why our politicians, civil servants and connected businessmen are so rich while the bulk of our people, especially the natives of Sarawak and Sabah remain poor and deprived - in spite of all the "subsidies".

Sarawak Headhunter's own earlier estimates indicate that "UMNO & its BN Cronies have stolen or wasted RM300 BILLION since the formation of Malaysia!"




pinsysu said...

but sad to say, half the voters dun understand how these "subsidies" work. wat the BN planning to do now is to remove the so-called "subsidies" to the ppl & move that to fill up their war chest to prepare for GE13 ... it is 1 gamble dat they cannot afford to lose. imagine the PR moves into putrajaya & start digging all the skeletons inside out. the final no. may surpass the 300b ya.

Anonymous said...

we have to thank Idris Jala for releasing this important info on the situ of our financial status.

romerz said...

"Who is subsidizing whom? Is the government subsidizing the people or the people subsidizing the government?"

A very good question indeed! Keep up the good work.

The Festival Of The Skulls said...

Good question SH.I suppose DrM wishes he is dead before PR brings out the skeletons.

nethan_yahu said...

Income from Petronas to Federal and states since 1976: 620 billion, of which half was during the 5 years of Mr. Clean. Does not include other expenditure Petronas was ordered to make in violation of its charter, for which no figures seem to be available, including real estate (Twin Towers), motor racing, orchestra, university, hospital, planes (to rescue MAS), ships (to rescue Mad Hatter's son).

Anonymous said...

the iban willing to lose their land and become squatters just to subsidies luxury bn politocians lifestyle ..that is why their keep voting for bn...

Anonymous said...

So how is our Corporate Dukun Idris doing? Jala angin, ah?

If he were the wizard, didn't he know already the shithouse the gomen is in is beyond reasonable repair? Not without a new GE and a change of government? Apa ler ini dungu?

He may have bumped into some Sarawak oil wells they, and Petronas, are hiding from the rakyat! The government has been hiding so many things, a dozen of oil wells would not make them bat an eyelid !

Mata Kuching said...

With more and more exposure on Taib Mahmud and family’s global property investment in Ottawa, Seattle, London, Perth and Adelaide, from the wealth he had stolen from all Sarawakians, the frail and dying old pirate is unlikely to make a stand on his choice of preferred candidates from PKR and SPDP for the coming state election.

Taib will not want to upset leaders of especially Dayak based parties. The same cannot be said for SUPP as he has written them off and willing to let them sink. SUPP is indeed at a crossroad.

Taib Mahmud is at his most vulnerable and if any YBs who have no financial worries and liability, this is the best opportunity to abandon UMNO controlled BN and Taib Mahmud. Sarawak is one state endowed with rich natural resources and abundant minerals which can attract private investments from abroad without the assistance from Putrajaya if Sarawak were to be governed by Pakatan Rakyat at this moment when Putrajaya is still controlled by UMNO dominated BN.

The window of opportunity is wide open for all young, educated and credible leaders currently in PKR, SPDP, PBB and SUPP to contribute to the prosperity and development of Sarawak under the Pakatan Rakyat. platform.

Taibtanic is sinking and all dynamic, intelligent and youth leaders of BN components should now lead the rats off the sinking Taibtanic.

PeoplePower4Pakatan. Sarawak4Pakatan. Malaysia4Pakatan.