Saturday, May 15, 2010

What The BN Police Tried To Hide From The People Of Sibu

Police confiscated "After The Tsunami" a video documentary on March '08 by KOMAS, then said it's not seditious, but didn't return the 243 VCDs.

Selepas Tsunami (After the Tsunami) from Pusat KOMAS on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

The more the reason for the people to support Pakatan Rakyat. This video needs to be shown to all Malaysians. Let ALL Malaysians realise what's happening in teh country. A two-party system is a must for the well being of ALL Malaysians. Good luck to Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

There must be changes in the political scenario in the country.Leaders are chosen to lead the people and not to enrich themselves. A lot more can be done to make ALL Malaysians share the "cakes" available in the country. Change does not mean BN is not fit to rule. BN needs a challenge. PR too needs a challenge. The best team should be the people's choice. Malaysians have to be aware of this. We don't want leaders to amass wealth and live a comfortable life when the ordinary people suffer in life. WE pray that more capable and educated young Malaysians come forward to help the political needs of the country. Pakatan Rakyat needs more young, educated and energetic Malaysians to bring Pakatan Rakyat into a formidable political party.

Mata Kuching said...

The Dayaks (including other indigenous groups) , Malays and Melanaus must not vote for just a few hundred ringgit come every election when they had never benefited from the NEP which was supposed to benefit them for the last 47 years. They must vote for long term socio-economic progress and real benefits that as Malaysians should be benefiting.

It is a real shame that these group of people in the Sibu parliamentary constituency are still bordering along the poverty line although they are living within 100 km of Sibu town. Look at the condition of their homes. Most of the home sizes are determined by the availability or lack of building materials. Some are still using generator sets to generate limited electricity. Many are still not connected with treated water. The RM600.00 bribe given by Taib Mahmud(which the MACC and EC will not act upon) to each “door” in the longhouses will only temporary drowse their deep rooted anger. It was indeed a great insult for the NEP was supposed to eradicate their poverty and set the pace and environment for self sustainable progress especially in agriculture and farming.

There is now a great visible sign of awakening among the rural poor. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of Taib Mahmud’s empire in this Sibu buy election and his politics of perpetually impoverish and “enslave” the rural poor is coming to an end soon.

The Dayaks who are predominantly Christians are beginning to know their right to freedom of worship and are encouraged by all concerned Malaysians to fight for their dignity and are responding.

The Sibu Buy Election is definitely the beginning of the end to Taib Mahmud’s empire and an end to UMNO hegemony .

Vote for Change . Vote Pakatan-DAP to save Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Barisan National is known for giving money and goodies before elections. This cannot be stopped as MACC will not do anything to stop this or take action against the givers. Please tell these poor people who are marginalised that the money righfully belongs to them. In fact they deserve more than that. If it's not for the fear of Pakatan Rakyat no money will be given to these poor. So, let these poor know this. TAKE WHATEVER IS GIVEN BUT PLEASE VOTE FOR A VOICE THAT CAN BRING THEIR PLIGHT UP TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL. Educate these poor people that they have the right to accept the money and other goodies but stress that DIGNITY is equally important. Accept the rewards and vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT. The country needs a strong 2-party system. There need to be a healthy competition at the political level. Having a one-party system is like having ONE grocery store in town. When there are TWO grocery stores we can see the competition. They will serve the people better. Pakatan Rakyat has to educate the people. We cannot expect Barisan Nasional to do this. Anyway, let's pray hard for Pakatan Rakyat to become the government comes the next GE. This can happen. DAP, PAS and PKR should from now groom their future leaders. Pakatan needs more energetic and educated people to come into its fold. This is happening now. Many young people are for Pakatan now. GOOD LUCK PAKATAN. MAY GOD BLESS ALL YOUR LEADERS. GOD WILL SHOW YOU ALL THE PATH. INNA LA HA MAA SOBIRIN (GOD IS WITH THOSE WHO ARE PATIENT).

Anonymous said...

To ALL Malaysians. Pakatan Rakyat is not a party to instal Anuar Ibrahim as the PM. It's more than that. Pakatan Rakyat is evolving into a viable entity with so many leaders to take over. Almost everyday, people are joining the party. With or without Anwar Ibrahim PAkatan Rakyat will prevail. Nurul Izzah can be another Benazir Bhutto in the Malaysian scene. Nizar has the acumen to become the leader. Lim Guan Eng is just an extraordinary leader Pakatan has produced. Zaid Ibrahim is another leader with the right political acumen. Khalid, Azizan, Azmin, Shamsul, Husam and many others can lead Pakatan even without Anwar. What is important is for the people to give their support for the party. The people should be aware of the importance of a 2-party syatem in the country. There must be a check-and- balance. The people must not allow the wealth of the country to be "swallowed" by a few powerful people leaving the poor suffering. This is the awareness we want. Go round and spread the words to the people. Get more people to join Pakatan Rakyat. Start from now and we shall see the number comes the next GE. Insya Allah, GOD will pave us the way...

Anonymous said...

We are from the Ivory Tower. We suggest that Sabah has a Pakatan Rakyat Sabah (PRS), Sarawak has a Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and Semenanjung has Pakatan Rakyat Semenanjung(PRS). Note that they are all known as PRS. And the national level, let it be called PRM (Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia). So, PRM will consist of 3 PRS. Within these PRS can be the component parties. This would be a wonderful idea. Pakatan in all these areas must be led by those from Sabah, Sarawak and Semenanjung respectively. GO FOR THIS CONCEPT, PLEASE. The people, especially the young, are joining Pakatan in droves. Soon Pakatan will become a force to be reckoned with in the country. WE JUST LOVE PAKATAN.

Goostee said...

To Wee Choo Keong,

Its a big shame that you do not share our ideals. More so after hopping everywhere, purportedly to uphold democracy ????

fargowin said...

The truth hurts.

The Chinese or the yellow race is what brings progress. Just look at Asia……….is enough.

Whether they do it internationally or locally they will survive.

We can distinctly see the lowering of Malaysia standards of living as the percentage of Chinese in this country goes down.

In the 70s we were tops with 40 over percent of Chinese and today with only 25 percent we are far behind Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea.

Main reason is the number of such Chinese migrating to these countries - the best ones and rich ones.

Next ten years as the percentage goes even lower, we would be nearing Indonesia or Philippines.

Meanwhile enjoy your stay and the good time.

On the whole as the Chinese spreads out throughout the world, the average standards of these will have much higher standards of living over others.

aston said...

It is a sad story for both Sabah and Sarawak for joining Malaysia. Just look at Brunei and Singapore to see the answer.

Sabah and Sarawak is being raped by Malaya till dry, all the oil and timber from the two states is being used to finance all the failed projects and also to feed all the Umno zealots.

Ask the Iban and Kandazan, they are being marginalized. Now the government even want to make the country into an Islamic state, did Sabah and Sarawak agree to join an Islamic state in the first place?

September 16 is a day for mourning, a day of shame for Malaysia.

coolooc said...

This race stereotyping is actually the work of the present day government, headed by the Umno racist using race and religion as a tool to stay in power.

The native of this land a.k.a. son of the soil are the native (Dusun, Iban, Kadazan, etc) of Borneo and the Orang Asli (Dayak, Jakun, Sakai, etc) in Peninsula. Not you malay arrogant pieces of shit!

Before the arrival of Islam into Malaysia, the different races live in harmony without questioning race or religion. They may be cultural different but they accepted each other.

After independence, race was used by the Umno racist, and then formulated the NEP, which divided everyone. The Umno fascist use Islam in schools, universities and workplaces to segregate, and in the name of fighting PAS.

The modus operandi of Umno has always be, divide and rule, and the devil is in the detail and implementation of the religious department.

Umno is king in creating diversion, when they are cornered, use race and religion. Race and religion is the most explosive issue and they have used it successfully since independence.

All this is done to perpetuate their hold on political power. It is for Umno benefits to play the race card, because this is the only way to ensure their hold on to political power. And 50 long years have proven them right. The race card works well and works every time!

They have succeeded in keeping the races apart socially, and fanned animosity amongst the races with their discriminatory and racist politics.

All give politically reasoning - well here goes a correct one - malay is lazy because of Islam.

How can one pray 5 times and yet be expected to be productive? Wait for the foreigners to come and set up their factory and having to cater for Islam needs!

If malays embrace other religion then there is hope for Malaysia otherwise your hope is in the existence of Umno terrorist liars - don't count on them being there forever - we are factoring in Umno racist absence in our business plan!

The problem with malays is that they forget too easily. It was the Chinese, Indians and Malays who fought for the independence.

The NEP was design to help the malays catch up with the Chinese and the Indians. Now looks like after 40 years, malays are still behind and very proud of it.

Still want to receive handouts from the government! Still afraid to fight it out on fair ground with the Chinese, Indians and other races! Fearful is the malay race!

Without the government subsidies and supports - I don't know how many malay businesses will still stand? So when can we see some towering malays and who dare to refuse government help and still succeed?

Grabbing other people success and call it your own success is not success but a disgrace!

Their laziness caused the nation's economy to slump and resources are wasted. They take 5 days to complete a day work. Malays always think that they are helping the other races when they are lazy. For God sake, please wake up! You are doing it for your own, not for anybody!

Majority of the nation need to be educated again. On the meaning of Malaysia.

San said...

I am a Malaysian Chinese living in Hong Kong for the past 15 years. I am a professional and am completely integrated socially.

Looking at my HK born sons, I am glad they never have to contend with the petty racism of Malaysia. Life is too short for that. No need to worry about government jobs or lack of career progress or scholarships because of their race. They will fail or succeed on their own merits. That is a very liberating thought for a father. I have no great fortune to leave them, but I have given them a chance in a society they can call their own.

I have taught them to respect other peoples and races. And to stand up for their own rights. They should be proud of their Chinese root and not be chauvinistic.

As for Malaysia? Well, they don't know too much about it. It won't be an important country for them. Economically it is too tiny to figure much on the big picture. Several major cities in China already have living standards that exceed Malaysia. Guangdong province alone has a GDP several times that of Malaysia. And it is still growing fast.

I wish Malaysia well for the sake of my relatives still there, but I glad I am not there. Migrate if you can. The West is good and stable but China has opportunities too. Integration is so easy that within one generation - it is as if our ancestors have never gone away! Fast forward the all that years of civil war, cultural revolution and famine.

If you cannot emigrate, grumble freely and hope for better days.

jodie said...

Is the language diversity in our educational system a stumbling block to so-called national unity? Despite the insistence of this idea by the self-interested ruling elite, it is simply wrong.

And the common use of English did not stop Americans from fighting Britons in the War of Independence. And let us not forget the American Civil War - both sides spoke English.

And to the contrary, we see Europeans of different mother tongues coming together in a democratic manner to forge a united continent in the form of the multilingual European Union with common standards of human rights, governance and democracy.

English-speaking people with different mother tongues are also now living peacefully in five different sovereign and independent countries namely the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

It is time for the Malaysia ruling elite and their ideologues to stop spreading the voodoo of that language diversity hampers national unity.

The root cause of national disunity is none other than the existence of race-based political parties like Umno, MIC and MCA, which perpetuate race-based affirmative action policies and which only benefit the upper class BN gangs and their sons, daughters and cronies.

ruyom said...

The malays do not exist as a unique tribe but are the result of centuries of mix amongst various ethnic groups - migrants from Yunnan, Polynesia, Java, Sumatra, Turkey, Arabia, India, Siam, Cambodia, Laos.

Once they began to populate the Malayan Peninsula - (which wasn't named for the malay race but derives from the Tamil word for "mountain" - malai) they figured it would be advantageous to claim ownership of the land by dubbing it Tanah Melayu.

It was mostly a political part of various pirate bloodlines to create their own Promised Land.

Anonymous said...

kpd semua anda yang buat komen kat sini, boleh tak tulis dalam bahasa malaysia???

ngkau orang nak tunjuk bahawa kamu semua terror dlm bahasa inggeris atau betul2 nak buat perubahaan???

you want to reach those umno baru die-hard fans (i.e. ignorant voters), you have to send messages across to them in BAHASA MALAYSIA.

or are you all just writing here just to show-off your excellent command of the english language and perhaps impress a friend or two??

get your priorities right. we want to KUBURKAN UMNO BARU. and how do we do that?? just CUT-OFF their LIFELINE. and what is their lifeline?? ignorant and marginalised voters in the kampung pendalaman.

most of us here know the national issues/scandals. so there is really no need to write to impress us anymore. we the urban folks know what to do come pru13.

we the urban voters will KUBURKAN UMNO BARU.

but for each of us urban voters, there are 10 more rural voters who easily succumb to politics of development i.e. BAITS and CORRUPTIONS.

these are the folks that we need to CONVERT.

so do me/us a favour. bring all your intelligence and put it to good use - the target audience is in the kampungs and most of these folks speak/understand ONLY bahasa malaysia.

and this is malaysia by the way.


sebarkan maklumat2 semua ni kat kampung2 pendalaman. kami di kota/bandar tetap akan KUBURKAN UMNO BARU. tak payah bazirkan masa atas kami. kami tahu apa yang berlaku. kami tahu apa yang patut kami buat.

hanya i minta saudara/saudari semua kalau betul2 sayangkan negara tercinta ni dan betul2 nak buat perubahan (tendang UMNO BARU keluar putrajaya), tolonglah, sebarkan maklumat2 penting kpd penduduk (VOTERS) kat kampung.

the day the kampung-folks are enlightened is the day umno baru DIES. it is really that simple.

otherwise, a 1000 anwar ibrahims cannot SELAMATKAN MALAYSIA.

p/s: sometimes, really, i suspect most of you who post comments here, all appearing gung-ho, are just in it to kill time. you dont really care (enough) about the fact the malaysia is bleeding to death by the day. you really just want to vent your anger or to show off your writing skills.

you check for replies to your postings because you want to engage in an intellectual discourse. or a reply to your comments will give you orgasm. but that is really not the way to SELAMATKAN MALAYSIA. that is a sure way of getting some satisfaction (your personal cravings for recognition) but that is not the way, really, to SELAMATKAN MALAYSIA.

to do that, you have to help CONVERT those umno baru (blind) fans. save them from the clutches of evil (umno baru). communicate with THEM; not amongst your own friends/fans only. you have to help to REACH OUT to these kampung folks. their sheer number will overwhelm you come election time. learn from the recent hulu selangor buy-election.


Anonymous said...

to coolooc may15th:

either you are a cybertrooper from umno baru or you are pathetically racists.

read carefully and get this into that dumb-head of yours -

nobody is against any particular bangsa. don;t f-king stereotype any race, you bloody cybertrooper.

we only want to kuburkan that political party UMNO BARU. that's all.

get this clear. do not be provoked by agents like cooloooc.

stay focused.
selamatkan warga kampung.
buka mata/hati warga kampung.
umno baru will DIE, naturally.


Mata Kuching said...

For the first time in Sarawak election history the two most corrupted leaders in the country had to worked overtime like their corrupted counterparts in some Latin American countries, fighting for their own political and economic survival during the Sibu Buy Election campaign.

But people’s power with the aid of divine intervention on Allah row, will prevail as Malaysians in this Borneo state are increasingly fed up with the highly corrupted and authoritarian regime led by none other than Najib Razak as PM of Malaysia and Taib Mahmud as CM of Sarawak. The defeat of UMNO controlled BN will trigger a strong Tsunami in the coming state election that will sweep violently across Sabah and to the rest of Malaysia in the next General Election. History will be made in Sibu.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this video.....all Malaysians should see this for the sake of our future generation
STOP CORRUPTION which is eating at the core of our Nation

Sol said...

Actually the scenario will be the same whether BN or PR..because they are from the same root, only changing their party or identity..but the agenda is still the the end nothing is happened..

Anonymous said...

the road to putrajaya needs only two prerequisites:-

i) kampung malays/orang asli
ii) sabah & sarawak.

pakatan rakyat leaders should concentrate on these two groups.

then UMNO BARU will DIE DIE DIE!!!!

** no need spend too much time on urban peninsula voters. we know what to do. we are unshakeable unlike those slimeballs ex-pkr reps.

** focus on kampung areas (malays/orang asli)

** focus on sabah & sarawak.



Anonymous said...

Very revealing, instructive and informative. Please, get this video out in preparation for the next GE.

humza said...

to coolooc...
your history proficiency is yet to be really polished....n to have him give shits..unjustifiable...statements
I m insulted when he pointed out that Malay are lazy because of ISLAM..n forgeting that the colony in support of th expatriates wanted to shove the malay n import more indians n chinese its the same now..the chinese said the native dont want the jobs so they have to import workers..actually the reasons is best know by themselves..Focus%5