Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Senjata Maut BN Makan Tuan Di Sibu

"Negara Islam perlu ditolak kerana Malaysia akan jadi negara hukuman zalim, semua akan potong sana - potong sini..... Orang Melayu Umno pun tak mahu Islam kerana zalim maka orang cina Sibu harus tolak DAP kerana DAP bersama parti Islam PAS yang nak buat negara Islam".

Di sini jelas sekali kenapa UMNO dan BN tolak prinsip keadilan dan memeluk kejahatan.

Pengundi-pengundi Sibu harus tolak BN!

Sila baca laporan Rakyat Marhaen di blog Anak Sungai Derhaka.

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Mata Kuching said...

Conversation with a few friends voting in Sibu Buy Election indicated that Sibu voters were not bought by the education fund distributed and other fund for flood mitigation. Wow I truly salute you guys! They felt that whatever development distributed so far for education and infrastructure are long overdued and is the responsibility of the government of the day.

I trully agreed and besides all these buy election disbursements are not BN’s money but money belonging to all Malaysians but are definitely made at the expense of all Malaysians not affected by any by-election and I like to emphasize especially at the expense of so many school children who had to walk for many hours to schools and whose schools and homes have yet to be lighted and connected with treated water. But how many of our Dayak YBs and lawmakers will feel guilty about Najib’s publicity and buy election stunts?

To all Sibu voters : Stay true to your convictions to vote for change and to vote for religious freedom by voting against the highly corrupted and authoritarian regime. Sibu to vote for Pakatan-DAP and be the platform for Sarawakians to dismantle our very own corrupted regime in the coming state election.

Vote Pakatan-DAP! Vote YB Wong Ho Leng!