Friday, April 30, 2010

Help DAP's Sibu Campaign

Help Our Sibu Campaign!

Dear Friends,

The 10th by-election is over at Hulu Selangor and it is most unfortunate that we suffered a setback amidst the millions of ringgit poured in by the BN government.

Nevertheless, our struggle for a Malaysian's Malaysia is now shifted to Sibu Sarawak and we at DAP will lead the challenge. We expect the BN in Sarawak will pour even more resources into maintaining their grip in this by-election.

Despite that we at DAP still believe we can make a difference and a clear statement that Malaysians from both East and West want and deserve a change.

We are appealing to ALL MALAYSIANS to donate generously to fund our effort in Sibu Sarawak. Your funds will be used for the following:
  1. Printing campaign materials
  2. Securing transportation
  3. Organizing road shows, talks, ceramahs
  4. Hiring of AV / PA system
  5. Other expenses in connection to help our team
We ask you to consider donating RM500 or more for this effort including asking your friends and relatives who believe in our good cause to do likewise.  All amounts are however small, much welcome.

You can also donate online by way of Credit Card, Maybank2U, CIMBClicks etc. Please check for more details here @

Alternatively, cheques can be written to "DAP MALAYSIA" and all donations for DAP can be banked into our Party’s account at any Public Bank branches with reference to our account No. 306 382 8309.

Or you can send cheque to: DAP MALAYSIA
No. 24 Jalan 20/9, 46300Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Your love for the nation will definitely make a difference.



Anonymous said...

Lacking and reflecting lack of pity or compassion !

“Dr M: Perkasa reacting to other groups” Star) - Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad came to the defence of Perkasa, justifying their recent remarks against..........blah...blah...

While we all busy about our basic rights and also sad by what happened to the victim and his family,but the Mamak Kutty and the gangs cheering and huh-hah about the HS “buy-election”.
What a sad thing!
SAD ! SAD ! SAD day in our country.

Actually, the real “hero” behind this “buy-election” of HS is Mr. RINGGIT, not you Mamak Kutty , Perkosa-Ali or Apno-BN.

To be very firm, we Rakyat will still fight till we all get back our basic rights and also justice to those who suffered and died from injustice .

” Lawan Tetap Lawan “

AzamDin said...

wah..this sarawakian's blog really hates that BN eh??? ahahah good job..keep fighting..!!!!!!

flyer168 said...

Dear YB Tony P,

Yes, that's the spirit, be truthful & upfront & there are many that will assist - syabas & keep up the great effort.

Will pass the message & do the needful.

Best wish to both the candidates and hope the Oppositionwill fare better this time.



Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

For those who's agains Taib & BN in Sarawak.

I found this on youtube and it's Sarawak's Local Indie Band

The song slightly tell about BN and Taib's legacy!

-complete with lyrics

Anonymous said...

correction...Takhta song is not for people who hates BN..that song actually if u read the lyric properly means that someone who being proud of themselves must realize that they need to step down..and of course that song is nit about Taib's legacy..there is no any connection to any political issue..remind yourself of that...

Anonymous said...

Try this:

How come someone could waste so much $$. Where he gets all those $$$?
Why not spend on our kampong folks?

free Sarawak said...

hope dap try to give longhouses folks rm150. wanna see how much kts/bn willing to give...rm 65k?