Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dr M & Daim - The Two Greatest Damagers of Malaysia

From one of Sarawak Headhunter's favourite bloggers, Antares:

"It was becoming more than obvious by 1986 that Dr M had given a sinister twist to the word "entrepreneurship" with his misguided attempt to create a Frankenstein's monster called the Bumiputra Billionaire, aided and abetted by the ultimate Mafia don, Daim Zainuddin (right).

When people become exceedingly rich by inventing something universally popular and useful — or through the display of extraordinary talent, whether in the cultural or athletic field — one can only applaud wholeheartedly. However, fast bucks obtained through political skullduggery and financial shenanigans are hugely damaging to the moral equilibrium of a nation. What happens is that the horizon of decency quickly becomes obscured, to the extent that honest truth-speakers become a threat to the corrupt status quo."

All Sarawak Headhunter wants to add is that these two rogues not only caused the greatest damage to the moral equilibrium of Malaysia but to its entire equilibrium. The third greatest damager is of course none other than Sarawak's very own rogue, Taib Mahmud.


semuanya OK kot said...

Moral equlibrium? Are you kidding? What about financial equlibrium? Have you read Malaysian Maverick?

Anonymous said...

Read these:
Malaysia is ruined by an Indian who called himsed a Malay.(Lies) Taught twisted thoughts into the Malays. (Distortion: a two-headed snake)
Here, we are ruined by "Serve the People" Melan-nooo. From Uncle to Nephew almost 40+ years!!!!

What's left???