Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Taib Succession Dilemma

Taib just does not want to make a decision about his successor. That is clear. No matter what he says or does. He is in a dilemma because he does not want to make the biggest mistake of his entire "career", one that could haunt him for the rest of his ever shortening life.

He has made many mistakes of course, although he pretends to know all and to be always right - the mere fact that nobody in PBB dares to dissent does not make it any right, even if this charade has kept him in power for so long. This is the evil power of deception and the politics of manipulation.

He knows who his successor should be and it is not anyone who is presently or has previously been in PBB (and that both includes as well as excludes his own son, Suleiman Abdul Rahman). However, he still hopes to deny reality.

If this were not the case surely it would be an easy matter for him to just decide who it should be from among the ranks of the present line-up of PBB. There is so much misplaced and misused talent there if he just wanted someone like himself to take over. What is so difficult about it, especially since he has known and worked with them for such a long time? However, Taib also knows that none of them would be good for Sarawak and that paradoxically is why he has kept them all out of the equation.

Not that he is or has been any better for Sarawak of course. They are all so scared of dissent that they have to manipulate the PBB party polls to ensure that there are no contests, thereby depriving their members the right - at the very least - to democratically elect their leaders. If they could do away with general elections they probably gladly would, but since they cannot they have devised other means of manipulation such as bribery and intimidation. Some semblance of democracy must after all be maintained.

Do you think that Taib doesn't know what he has done to Sarawak and what needs to be done to undo what he has done? He knows it better than anyone else. He knows that Sarawak needs reform and that there is no one in PBB capable of undertaking such reform, least of all himself. PBB, just like UMNO and the rest of the BN baggage train, is incapable of reform unless it is led by a real reformist-minded leader. There is none, not even pretenders.

Taib, more than anyone else in PBB, knows that it cannot be business as usual. If PBB tries to carry on with business as usual, even with Taib himself at the helm, that will be the end of PBB and Taib as well. As they say, the writing is on the wall.

Taib has deceived everyone, including members of his own party, that what he has been doing has been good and right for Sarawak, knowing that the opposite has been true. His dilemma now is how to undo all the damage without admitting his wrongs and wrongdoings. He knows that he will be remembered for the latter if he does not undertake the former or at the very least put someone in place to succeed him who can do it without succumbing to PBB's divisive, destructive and corrupt politics - largely caused by him.

Taib's successor may very well be rejected by the older echelon of PBB, who are in any event due for replacement, but with the younger generation with him he will have to ride the tiger and conquer it. Now is the time for Taib to be bold enough to put a successor in place who will do it for it is only by doing so that Taib will redeem himself. Will Taib be bold enough to admit and attempt to right his own wrongs? Does such a person exist in the whole of Sarawak?

If he does, you can be sure that Taib knows who that person is and what he (Taib) needs to do.

Anything else will lead to unmitigated disaster and an uncertain and bleak future for Sarawak and its people.


Anonymous said...

I doubt many S'wakians do agree with this writers opinion that Taib has the dilemma of choosing the 'right' person to stop the rot. After all, isn't he still in power? The land grab, the abuse power, cronyism etc hasn't stopped has it, why continue with it if truly he is worried about the survival of his regime?

Taib doesn't give two hoots about the economic opportunities of the people of S'wak nor does he care about the rights of ownership of the people of S'wak! Since when is development for the benefit of the people? Any big mega projects like roads, dams etc usually links or service places of interest. Places of interest in this sense is place that he has interest!

Taib is forcing S'wak back into feudalism, where the state has a handful of big land owners and the majority till the land for him and his cronies! Making a bunch of serfs out of us!

He intends on creating a dynasty in S'wak, the Taib dynasty! He has ambitions to be Sultan! Thats how crazy and misplaced that old man is! Maybe he got the idea from his uncle, that guy dressed like a Sultan when he became the CM! Check it out, i am sure you can find that picture somewhere.

Who knows, he may even be planning to set up a separate autonomous region and declare himself king like in Monaco! Mukah perhaps? Why all the development in some small obscure place? Why even that TPK announced that he will build a landing strip for 747 to land? Want to build casino there kah? Incidentally, why did Prince Albert of Monaco visit S'wak not too long ago? Look at how much that ball carrying Asfia has been harping on about an apparent link between Taib and the Brunei Sultanate in recent years!!! What a joke! You stupid kah Asfia, you think the Sultan of Brunei want to acknowledge it even if true? You think Sultan of Brunei want a possible claim on his throne from some lakia from S'wak!

Some say, Taib is even trying to link himself to the Brookes! Now thats an even bigger joke! Brookes aren't royalty in the first place! Only a captain on some schooner!

There's no dilemma in Taib's mind, the only dilemma is whether his son will listen to him when he puts him in the CM's chair!

The plan is to make his son CM and he becomes the Governor thus pulling the string still behind the throne! Effectively, still the CM lah!

As for his health, Taib will probably out live many of his enemies! He is as fit as a fiddle with the special diet, the first class 24 hours health care and all the money to detect any little illness.

Why you may ask is Taib so power crazy and power hungry? Well,with the wealth he has amassed through such means, he needs to protect it. He knows he will be investigated, arrested and put in prison with all his ill gotten wealth returned to S'wak once democracy returns!

Taib, time is a great equalizer and justice is heading towards your door! You are but one man and be sure when the time comes, your cronies will likely be the ones to cast the first stone!

Why should the cronies sacrifice themselves to save Taib when they can save their own skin. We can see it all too clearly, they are a bunch of self serving monkeys! They are waiting for you to stumble aren't they.

God is great! Judgment day is upon you!

By: An ordinary citizen fed up with the crap!

piyatidoria said...

adenan satem akan dilantik menjadi Ketua Menteri sebelum Sulaiman Taib.

Anonymous said...

The Dayaks are happy to be screwed and there is no chance for a Dayak to be CM. Money is always first, a few million is all you need. Where is the spirit of Rentap?

Anonymous said...

The natives of Sarawak are far more intelligent and brave than those in Sabah. This time they will surely trounce the BN and team up with the Chinese to save Sarawak from being swallow up by the Taib dynasty, and by extension, Sarawak will save Malaysia from going to the dogs!

bumi-non-malay said...

Sarawakians are as dumb as those from the East. Christians and muslims blinded by money, corruptions...bring me a true Penan to Rule Sarawak is better than any of these SCUMS of society.

TAIB like tun Dr, Racist Mahathir will want to manage the transition to protect their own wealth. Depp down its the mentality of making slaves of you Sarawakians while they continue to enjoy the smaller pie of $$$$ and keep having the best Education allocated for their Childrens's childrens and grand children.......and relatives childrens. Take up the courage and disrupt the entire machinery in Sarawak as in Sabah....Malaysia for ALL or Forever be a Loser for another 100 years....

Anonymous said...

i hope 1 day he will get pay for what he has done, blood sucking. no one can run from karma. taid is worst than late saddam. we r not democracy country, only in paper. this is dictactor state and same as well our country by umno.

Anonymous said...

hope our new generation & youngster can make a change.

Fengsui Master said...

Yeah, the longer he cling to this dead branch, the more dangerous it's getting and at any moment that dry branch will crack and off he will go.
He is just digging his own grave as we all know how he was nearly topple when his uncle Abdul Rahman Yakkup almost topple him when this 2 cross swords.
I think he already got a seat warmer ,Leo Michael Toyah, who have already converted to muslim,ready to warm the seat for his son Suliaman.

Rainbowseahorse said...

I don’t see anyone posting the most important equation at hand. And that is, the real threat of UMNO setting up shop in Sarawak since this is the last bastion of UMNO freed State.

Taib is deeply worried that without his iron grip on power, Sarawak might fall into the opposition hands which is EXACTLY the excuse for UMNO to bring in and spread their deadly disease. For instant UMNO membership, there are ample supply from nearby Indonesia Kalimantan and a “project MyKad” will be initiated, as has been done in Sabah, and “voila” the “Malays” are the majority race in Sarawak and so gets to be CM. The, where would that leave poor old Taib and his family?

Our stupid power crazed late Tun Mustapha of Sabah found that out the hard way when he helped bring UMNO into Sabah, and he ended his days fighting UMNO and trying to undo his grave mistake. But UMNO disease is just too powerful to be destroyed and there is totally no cure.

Anonymous said...

the rakyat 'vote' 4 him @ 4 all of them 2 b t 'voice' of t that means 'they' should b a good listener 2 the rakyat.not 2 blacklist t rakyat.b humble like 'they' do during t campaign.if no rakyat,who u 1 2 govern?'he' dare 2 b transparent?if 'he' dare,then we will respect it.project is project or pmbangunan they call it but plse 'display'it lah so that t rakyat is clear about it......a good leader is a good listener.bukan 'my way' ja.

Anonymous said...

Sarawakian should go after his hidden wealth oversea, USD5 billions worth by now.

Tbsbidayuh said...

Perhaps this will be the end of Caesar and the Sarawakians will be ready to give back the power to the people. That is the hope of the republic. Let wait and see if there is any death match in the BN's coliseum this year.

Anonymous said...

the land we're staying now is where our 'turun temurun'well b 4 brook's time.what 2 say the latter part of it?some more everywhere we can see 'no tresspassing & any tresspassing will be.........if they really think t rakyat is t 1 that govern.b 4 we really enjoy real nature,t freshness air u can say,crystal clear water,t semah fish u name it,now t whole river is like 'teh-c'-minus sugar!

Lynn said...

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