Friday, February 12, 2010

Another UMNO Racist Idiot Caught Lying With His Pants Down

See the report at Malaysia Today: "UMNO official denies making racist remarks in London"

This letter to Malaysiakini started it: "Racist UMNO Youth propaganda in London"

What is obvious is that UMNO will never learn to accept the non-Malays in Malaysia. Sarawak, with its majority non-Malay population, should GET OUT OF MALAYSIA, the sooner the better. Furthermore, the Sarawak Malays (other than those who are BN cronies) are not like the Malayan Malays.


Anonymous said...

If you can bring Sarawak out of Malaysia, I would salute you.
But, don't make white termite a Rajah! There should be no Rajah and all such nonsense. The Head of State or any post must go by rotation - one term for everyone.
Else we will have a situation like now when the white hair will leave only when he dies in the office.

Jong said...

They are getting out of hand, see the arrogance in them -"ketuanan dumno-melayu!

Anonymous said...

Another Mr.James Brooke as the rajah of Sarawak ?

Well, if there is another James Brooke...

Well..If there is another Brooke rajah, maybe they will also be another Sandokan to fight him...


Well, I dont know anything about
Sarawak or Malaysia politics, but I remember the book series of Sandokan, by italian writer Emilio Salgari

FABIAN, from Montevideo,Uruguay