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A Political Icon Of Monstrous Greed, Corruption, & Abuse Of Power In The 21st Century

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Editions & additions in red by Sarawak Headhunter.

An exercise in reading between the lines of anything Taib says.

A political icon of monstrous corruption, greed & abuse of power in the 21st century
By Zora Chan, Lee Ya Yun and Lim How Pim & Sarawak Headhunter

New overpriced DUN complex depicts state as a multi-racial submissive society, symbolising its futile struggles against my total dominance and my evil achievements in siphoning out as much as I can from the state's resources for myself, my family and cronies: CM

KUCHING: Sarawak’s legislature yesterday reached a new and significant millstone with the opening of the new extravagant and overpriced Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) complex by Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin.

Set to become an expensive iconic landmark of Taib's corruption, greed and abuse of power for the state, while many Sarawakians still live in abject poverty and deprivation, the state BN hopes that the new RM296.5 million building will inspire the state BN to move fast forward with greater racial disharmony, divide and rule and eternal prosperity for Taib, his family and cronies in the spirit of abuse of democracy.

Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said as the country’s oldest legislature, the DUN is subject to evolutionary change as long as such change does not affect him in line with being a political icon of his greed, corruption and abuse of power in the 21st century.

Unlike other states, Sarawak has its own political personality which is basically mine, political culture - what I decide it is - and political traditions - also all mine, and its parliamentary development - whatever I allow - has clearly proved the closed mindset of the cawat mentality, cultural alienation and disharmony in the state, all caused by me", he said at a launching ceremony of the new DUN in Petra Jaya near the Astana yesterday.

Tuanku Mizan officiated at the event.

Taib said the building depicted the state as a multi-racial oppressed society and symbolised its impotent and futile struggles against his domineering tyranny and his corrupt achievements over the years after gaining independence under new colonial masters, the Malayans, with the formation of Malaysia.

He said he was confident that the legislature – the country’s oldest – would go on to represent him and continue to exclude the people’s role in deciding the fate of their state and in protecting its sovereignty for his and the Malayans' (BN's) benefit.

The exterior and interior design of the new complex, he said, portrayed a combination of the state’s various ethnic groups and their cultures, just for show only, as they meant nothing to him at all, except to be exploited.

“Our new DUN complex is very unique as most of the Commonwealth parliaments are located either on a hill or by a river but ours is both on the hill and by the river, so that if any mob of angry exploited citizens come after me and their other selected (by me) representatives, we can head for the hills or escape down the river, but seriously - I have my private jet waiting at any time - those without any private jet will have to face the music".

“Evolutionary development of the parliament in Sarawak has also proved close interaction in terms of culture and harmony among the ethnic groups in the state, if you believe all the rubbish we put out in the mass media, which I can tell you does work and which is why we have managed to deceive the majority of the people most of the time,” he said.

The grand opening ceremony yesterday, which was held in full ceremonial colours, was also witnessed by rulers and heads of states from throughout the country, all paid for at the state's expense of course.

Taib also expressed confidence that the new DUN complex would be capable of meeting his future needs of rajahship and misrule over Sarawak given its enhanced capacity and features, maybe not for long but at least until his death or toppling by popular uprising, whichever comes first.

“It is built to house 108 assemblymen and assemblywomen and now we have 71 members. In view of the increase of membership from 48 to 71 over the years, this new building is timely to meet the rising needs of more corrupt, inefficient and subservient selected (by me) representatives to assist me in carrying out my, my family's and our cronies' objectives of raping and pillaging whatever is left of the state's resources more effectively,” he said.

The old DUN complex in Petra Jaya was built in 1976.

It was designed to house 48 members.

Touching on the history of Sarawak’s legislature, Taib said the inaugural meeting of the legislature was called at a wooden building in Bintulu on Sept 8, 1867.

“It was known as ‘General Council’ back then.

The second meeting was held in Sibu in 1868 and then the third in Kuching, 1869.

Since then, the meeting has never been held outside Kuching.

“In the early days, elected representatives were mainly Malays and Melanaus.

After the name changed to ‘Council Negri’ in 1903, its membership expanded to include Ibans, Bidayuhs and Chinese,” he added.

"For the last 39 years it has been dominated by 2 Melanaus, my uncle for 11 years and me for the last 28 years, but actually my grandfather on my mother's side was from Kelantan, (so we are half orang Malaya), so don't think that we have benefited the Melanaus, except for our family and some of our cronies".

The ‘Council Negri’ convened in 1963 with its own Speaker, a respected citizen chosen from among the local communities, he pointed out.

Before having a permanent building in Petra Jaya in 1976, he said the meetings were held at temporary venues namely Astana, the Old Court House (now Sarawak Tourism Complex) and Dewan Tun Abdul Razak.

He added that the growing number of membership and continuity of illusion of self-governing proved that the politicians in the state who had been misled by him had built a strong foundation for the abuse of democracy and continued progressive exploitation of the people and the state's vast resources for personal gain.

A book ‘Change and Continuity’ on the historical background of Sarawak’s legislature and development authored by DUN Speaker and Taib's Chief Sycophant and Arse Licker Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar was also launched in conjunction with the grand opening.

The 458-page book is sold at RM300 so will be available only for a selected few who will have to pay for the dubious privilege of owning this rubbish book and is dedicated to the corrupt leaders, dishonourable members – past and present, the vicious people and posterity whose nightmare visions, greedy verve and lustful vitality make the State Legislature a terrible reality, abuse of democracy a continuous form of government and Sarawak an otherwise pleasant place to live in except for Taib, his family and cronies who have made it unpleasant for everyone else.

There are nine floors in the new 114m high building with a total floor space of 47,747 sq m and a 50-m wide umbrella-shaped roof to cap the building.

Its design is based on a nine-pointed star.

It also has a ‘lapau’ (ceremonial hall) capable of accommodating 300 people as well as an auditorium of similar capacity.

Designed to last for 100 useful years, it also includes a state banquet hall for 1,000 people, a carpark for 315 vehicles as well as a parade ground and a waterfront spread out within a 172-acre site.

The new DUN chamber can hold up to 108 members, each with his or her own office.

It is located on the eighth floor with a height of 27.7m, a diameter of 30.9m and a total area of 760 sq m.

It also has a capacity of 142 seats for civil servants, 86 in the VIP gallery and 106 in the public gallery.

It is also ripe for an opposition takeover, provided the opposition gets its act together and the people come to the realization that they will be far better off without Taib and his evil oppressive regime.

Sarawakians, wake up! You have nothing to lose but your poverty!

Step into the 21st Century and reclaim your birthright which has been stolen from you by Taib, his family and their cronies!



chapchai said...

Good one, SH. Words fail me (which is not normal) when it comes to this monstrosity. Who made how much out of this piece of construction? What will happen to the old DUN? Bulldozing the forestry of Sarawak is not enough. Now historical sites will have to go, too. What is my beloved country coming to?

Anonymous said...

When the Kuching waterfront esplanade was first completed it was quite a nice place to take a stroll with family or friends; with the musical fountain and nice walk about path.Then it turned into a den for snatch thieves,boozing hooligans and oh so many stalls... now the destruction of the original beauty of the riverbank continues with the removal of historical buildings that Kuching was blessed with into this nondescript and boring place some people think will draw tourists!
Hey here's some news for them.. if the tourist want to see places like these they already have them in their own cities and more beautiful,at that.
Development of a town is one thing but destruction of a historical heritage is another.These are what tourists want to see because we have Sarawak has such a rich and colorful history.Now thanks to these sorry politicians they are gone for good.I guess there will be more to come but certainly nothing to be proud of.We have not been down the waterfront for the last two or three years and we won't hold our breath.

Sad Sack