Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Is PKR Up To In Sarawak?

Pakatan Assault of Sarawak BN, is it for real?

By Borneo Warrior

With comments by Sarawak Headhunter, as usual, in red.

The latest news is that Anwar Ibrahim has taken over the War General roles for the assault of Sarawak and Sabah. It's good news. So, what're the strategies to capture Sarawak? At the moment its just hoo ha and dinners, nothing concrete. When asked, a PKR supporter said that it is still a big secret. "We have to let them overly over confident and lure them to the state of denial mode", he said. So far it's working. The refusal of the Sarawak Immigration authorities to allow YB Gobalakrishnan to enter Sarawak is self-destructive. A Sarawak assistant minister even had the cheek to say that Gobal’s case is not politically motivated. Who is the assistant minister kidding?

Sarawak Headhunter doesn't know whether this is really good news or not. Obviously, there is no clear leader in PKR Sarawak as yet whom PKR can say will be the Chief Minister when (and if) Pakatan Rakyat wins the next state elections. In fact there is no Pakatan Rakyat yet in Sarawak.

It is also a fact that even PKR (and that also means Anwar Ibrahim) does not know who's who in Sarawak, let alone the whole political scenario, landscape and logistics of Sarawak. This could take some time for them (and him) to figure out. So for the time being, until they (and he) figure it out, it will have to be "hoo ha and dinners", as Borneo Warrior puts it.

So the big secret is probably that PKR doesn't as yet know what it is doing or going to do, and if they have to wait for Anwar to figure it out then they are doomed. By now they should already have a state leader in place who can lead the battle on the ground in Sarawak, not from KL and not even from Kuching.

So far,the so called assault is centred around the Dayak areas only, principally by PKR. There has not been any sign that PAS is moving into the Malay/Melanau/Muslim areas as yet. Similiarly, DAP presence had been seen as minimal, having only Lim Guan Eng, the CM of Penang, presiding over dinner here in Kuching a few weeks ago.

At the moment, PKR is depending only on those Sarawakians who are primarily based in Kuching and who do not have a good rural base, except in their own limited areas. They need a leader who can gather the rural base, which is what Taib has at the moment (but which can also be taken away from him by the right person, who has to be a Sarawakian).

PAS would have rather limited impact in the Malay/Melanau areas.

Anwar taking over PKR Sarawak can be seen as counter-productive, as far as the next state elections are concerned.

The deafening silence in the Malay/Melanau/Muslim areas, the stronghold of the dominant PBB, is worrying, to say the least. Why is Taib, the Chief Minister, also so silent? Taib is so powerful, astute, adriot chess player that he is, and yet, he is the least concerned of what PKR is trying to do in his own backyard. This will definitely arose suspicion. Has there been a deal done by the powers to be from both sides, at the expense of the Dayaks? This sort of deal, which has been strike so cleverly in the past, had left the Dayak leaders in a loss, loss situation and is still felt like a big thorn in the flesh to this day. Will history repeat itself? Remember the Ningkan episode? Remember the Tawi Sli misstep? What about the Ming Court Affair? All these political manoeuvres have left the Dayaks in a terrible lurch, painfully.

Sarawak Headhunter does not really believe in this conspiracy theory. Taib is least concerned at the moment because he has no real challenger just yet. As far as Sarawak Headhunter knows, there is only one Sarawakian who can challenge him head on, even in his own constituency, with a good chance of winning, and also gather the necessary rural base, but that person is still keeping silent (no, he has not been bought off by Taib).

Ideally, the Pakatan partners should move simultaneously and in tandem, to all areas. Nothing of this sort is felt on the ground.

It is up to the Dayak leaders in PKR to gauge the situation. Hopefully, the perception that the powers to be are about to outmanoeuvre us again is unfounded.

Sarawak Headhunter says again that we cannot depend on Malayans (maybe not even Anwar Ibrahim and PKR) to overthrow Taib and the Sarawak BN. We have to do it ourselves.


Anonymous said...

as a "Malayan" who lived in sarawak for few years before, i would like to welcome the effort mentioned by the writer to throw taib's long term govt in the Land of Hornbills through electoral process & not through back doors..

the word mentioned that the move should be initiated by Sarawakian rather than "Malayan" / Anwar Ibrahim / PKR still far from ideal.. i hv seen state elections during my time in s'wak where the last one was held in 2006 (if i'm not mistaken)..

to be honest, the sarawakian still do not have enough courage or will or bravery to throw BeEnd rule especially the Dayak.. on the ground, they said bad things or frustration towards taib's rule but when it comes to voting process, they simply can't translate their frustration into the changing the govt.. why?? because the Dayak itself has split into so many parties, likes PRS (who split into 2 faction), former PBDS, SPDP or SNAP, just to name a few.. and most of them are in coalition BeEnd front.. the question is how can about 45-50% population can't formed such a massive coalition to throw the current govt & rather appointed Dayak people as s'wak leader?? it means they are not strong enough to do it at the moment , maybe because of so many years under taib's helm & feel complacency or thankful on what they have now?? the answer si lying with this sarawakian people..
on this case, i like the way s'wak chinese (DAP mainly & silent voters) show their people power.. although i'm not chinese, i hv to praise DAP for playing their part extremely well in big cities likes kuching, sibu, & miri, whereas chinese population was so dominant.. but DAP cannot simply play their role in rural areas because of chinese population is almost non-existen.. but for me, DAP managed to do that extremely well for 26% chinese population especially in big & small cities area..the names likes sim kwang yang, richard wong ho leng & chong chien jen as so famous with chinese population..

it means that the remaining works are lying with Dayak / Malay / Melanau people who combined about 74% population to change the scenario, in which i felt that still far from reaching the objectives.. PAS are too small to play their part while PKR is growing but still not good enough to move forward..the independent are totally disjointed to get the support they need it. it mean sarawakian need a strong figure to lead this kind of changing process..

for me, the appointment of Anwar Ibrahim as PKR leader in Sabah & Sarawak was to inject the fresh ideas & rebuilding the dreams for the sarawakians need the most.. yes, maybe he is 'malayan' & do not know the situation in rural areas & s'wak as a whole, but i hv to repeat, he was selected to form some sort of Confidence towards sarawakians on how well the Pakatan Rakyat can offer / bring to the people.. and what he need is a grassroot people who can bring the ideas & change the mentality that another new govt can do better than the current ones.. although i hv to admit it will be tough, nothing is impossible only if the implementation & method are in right direction.. the choices of Anwar is a big move as sarawak do not hv any charismatic figures to launch the bid to change the present govt.. as i said, he need the support he need the most..

for me, sarawak hv a good opposition leader but still not good enough to capture that objective.. 62 - 9 seats in state assembly might be difficult to overturn, but in this lovely world, nothing is impossible..

plus, i like the grab the article from Sim Kwang Yang blog saying that "Anti-Malaya Resentment Persisted Today".. for me, the sarawakian must change the perception that people from West just want to grab ur wealth.. it is totally untrue, most of us just not even thinking about it..

the question is, for so long who grabbed all the wealth & resources in sarawak thus far???? like what the famous comedian says "Lu Pikir La Sendiri"..

ARI said...

You aren't happy when Malaysians help you but you can't come with a single Sarawakian who can liberate from you from Taib and this is what Taib understands. The reason Umno didn't venture into Sarawak was bcoz of that. In this case, you will live under subjugation forever while Malaya which is already developed is moving ahead and will continue to have Taib passing off Sarawak's resources to further develop Malaya and Malayans. The fact is there is nothing you can do to liberate yourself from Taib unless you have a Malayan input. Taib was retained by Umno and not by Sarawakinas. For Sarawak to get freedom, you need a big shot from Malaya and it is here that Anwar comes in. Like the way he has demolished Umno and BN in Malaya, he can help Sarawakians demolish Taib. But if you fall for this petty tribal talk of Sarawak this, Dayak thay and etc, you are neatly falling into Taib's plan and you will live under subjugation forever. Now under him and later under his son and family. Seek help from your Malayan brothers and sisters and get out of the tribal box that literally shackles your brains and serves Taib's interests. A Malayan will always rule Malaysia, why do you need to fear them? Taib divided the Dayaks, instigated fear and them and seeks Malaya's Federal help to further divide the Dayaks, the day you understand that you need an equally powerful Malayan and get out of this petty paranoia and tribal retreat is the day you are assured of something. Anwar being the Swak and Sabah Party chief was to soothe tension between the state PKR leaders who are jostling for the party leadership and who may fight between themselves, it has nothing to do with him having interest in Swak and Sabah in a way of leading. Constitutionally, it doesn't work as well. Taib is there of bcoz of Malaya support. get rid of him of another Malaya support. If you don't understand that, then I wish you well in your sufferings.

deepo said...


i dun trust anwar somehow, bcoz we have to bear in mind that, anwar who started all the islamization in malaysia together wit mahathir...

i still dun trust this so-called anwar ibrahim......he's good speech giver....but not action giver....

ari....i dun totally agree wit u...we r fear of malayans bcoz of their islamization.....islamic-bigot-behaviours....tq

aziz said...


Please list down, point out and clearly show a single "Islamist" constitutional amendement that was sanctioned by Anwar which disadvantaged non-Muslims. Tell us which part of Islam Anwar used to disadvantage non-Muslims. And I want reference where Anwar changed the constitution to harm non-Muslims. I don't want propaganda and village talk meant to manipulate the unlearned. Thanks.


If you fear Malayans, then pliz stop complaining about Taib. It is Malayans who want Taib to remain in power and it is Malayans who will decide who will remain the CM and not Sarawakians. All it needs is to continue dividing the dakays and imposing on the minority leaders and banning their parties using Malayan officials at the home ministry. I;m sure you are happy now. It is very strange that some bigots don't know what to do concering their lives and it is hard to comprehend them. Malayans have no problem with Taib, after all, he has been good to them bcoz he gives them Swak's resources which are used to build Malaya schools, universities, highways, hospitals, entertainment centres and Malaya allows him to subjugate to the dayaks. So, if you fear Malayans and then come up with joke called Islamisisation, the that's good for Malayans. Because Taib who is ready to play by Malaya's bidding will rule Swak and that's good. Malaya will benefit, of couse Sarawak won't but that's their choice. Malayans aren't suffering yet they want more. You are suffering but you say you don't trust this and that. You trust who? Nincompoops and looters like Alfred Jabu and Masing?

Anonymous said...


At the moment we don't have much choice. The most important thing is to voted Taib Mahmud & his cronies out. We want change and NOW is the time for all Sarawakians/Dayaks to unite and fight for our rights which have been robbed from us over the years.

If Anwar doesn't perform and keep his promises to help the Dayaks, then we know what to do in the next General Election. At the moment, Anwar's is our best bet to lead the CHANGE in Sarawak.

A Dayak, An Iban

Anonymous said...

in addition on the 1st comment i hv made in this thread, to be frank with u, the mentality of sarawakian shall be change in order to speed-up the changing process.. as i lived in sarawak before, i hv travelled to all over places within borneo, using different kind of transportation and went to isolated places just to see & feel the environment.. the conclusion i can made is sarawak is FAR behind from your West counterpart..

hence, i must say you hv to keep away the mindset of 'Anti-Malayan' sentiments or 'Islamization'.. taib is managed to get the sarawakians to live under subjugation (according to the 2nd comments).. nobody like to rule everybody or capture the wealth of the others, that was what the so-called Pakatan Rakyat is try to practising.. plus if you fear Islamization, do you see any non-muslim beheaded in this country?? do you see it in kelantan for 19 yrs under PAS?? the answer is NO, islamic value is not like that..non-muslim are free to practice their belief.. that was propaganda played by the mainstream media to create the tension amongst Malaysia people & we shall step away from that kind of things... if this kind of thinking still existing, i tell u that sarawak is going nowhere.. or rather i can say that most of you still think 'Inside the Box' (although some of you i believe want a reforms)..

the future lies in your hand, the helping hand was just in front of you, whether u like it or not, that the best man who can you help out from darkness..

whatever happened, it is up to sarawakian who is going to decide their future outcome.. and again, the power is in your hand.. i glad to see the wind of change in 2yrs time (the next electoral process)..

think outside the box, move forward & stop complaining..

good luck to you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

the mentality of the dayaks have cahnge over the year. it is slow but a sure thing. ask the younger generation and they will speak their mind. the know where they stand. only thing is the opposition party dare not adventure into the dayak territories. yes the older generation and the less knowing still in their way supported the BeEnd but it is eroding in the dayaks areas. the dayak need a calling a battle cry to unite themselves. the chinese place economical reason and comfort as the forefront, the malay, melanau and malay as religion, race and rights of this and that as their common calling. now what the dayaks need is a calling and common card to raise and stand tall. every dayak that i met is proud to be the decendants of headhunters, let us once more be proud by ending BeEnd reign. NCR or what ever it may be must be a common card to rally this call to end the making fool of us dayak. Ya ya someone say we need people form malaya to teach us but after that what? will this teacher become a jockey and having a ride to rob us? what ever it sis the revolution must be from inside and we must learn what there is to learn of the outside---sarawak. all the sucessful revolution is from the inside. take china, russia or iran for example. all form the inside. we must wake up and if we are to wake up then the change will be dramatic and dymanic.

Dyaksblog said...

-place our common enemy: Taib Yang Dikasihi,
-Reverse the divide-and-rule tactics,
-Do it in guerilla warfare,
-Spread ourselves well.

You all Dayaks are smart, wise enough not to limit the options and resouces available.

Anonymous said...

At first,I also dislike Anwar Ibrahim. He's a former UMNO racist member. He's the one who formed ABIM. He' the one who always talk like he knows everything about anythings. BUT...,who else beside him can lead us to kick out Taib Antu Rangkak and his cronies ashes. Let's us give him a chance cos we, Sarawakian still not strong enough to make a move. Considering the success of Pakatan Rakyat in Peninsular, why not we try and allow him to use his strategies for the sake of our future. I may still very new in politics BUT I've been rubbished by Taib Antu Rangkak for a long time. And remember that unity among all Sarawakian most needed to fulfill our dreams.

just want to share...