Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pak Lah's Head to Roll Soon - the End is in Sight! Praise and Thanks be to God!

While the Sarawak Headhunter concentrates on Sarawak, nevertheless we cannot ignore what is happening at the Federal level. The overthrow of the BN Federal government will certainly also speed up the process of change of government at the Sarawak state level.

Pak Lah's "new" cabinet is probably going to be his downfall. One expects that he would have taken into account a balanced racial, party and regional representation in his cabinet, but his cabinet is so skewed in favour of UMNO that its composition now threatens its very own existence!

Pak Lah must not only be asleep but blind not to see this. This man is either totally clueless or has a moron as an adviser - an Oxford moron perhaps (now I'm beginning to understand the meaning of the term "oxymoron").

It is evident from the line-up (and they should all be lined-up and beheaded!) that Pak Lah is desperately trying to appease the mumblings, grumblings and rumblings from within UMNO to save his own neck in UMNO, even at the expense of alienating the rest of the BN and even the nation as a whole.

Such a strategy cannot work anymore - he cannot sacrifice being a PM for the whole country in favour of being PM for UMNO. No UMNO leader can afford to do this any longer and UMNO ignores this fact at its own peril and to its own doom.

For this reason his head will roll soon, the sooner the better. So should Najib's, Khairy's and Hishamuddin's and better still those of the whole UMNO (not even BN) government.

The rest of BN should heed the clear message from the ground and refuse to be part of this farce or be consigned to the dustbin of history!

This cabinet will not last many more weeks - it should not last many more weeks and will probably be the shortest-lived cabinet and government in Malaysian history. The cabinet ignores the realities on the ground, as well as just racial composition and fair party and regional representation.

Pak Lah has therefore managed to do the impossible, with some kind assistance from Khairy of course, and that is to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Divine Providence has to be at work here, through the efforts and prayers of all right-thinking and honourable Malaysians.

This is indeed fortunate for all Malaysians and we should bless the day that Mahathir gave us Pak Lah to preside over the ruination of UMNO and the BN.

Now the reform may really begin. Let us all hope and pray that Anwar does not make the same mistakes.


`;' said...

Something tells me we actually know each other since 2004, albeit strictly online. Keep writing. I might not like your conviction but your English and line of thought is surely entertaining read.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for defining "oxymoron". Hmm! Does one go to Oxbridge to be a moron?