Thursday, December 23, 2010

How To Defeat BN In Next Sarawak State Elections In 2011


1.              Register as a voter.

2.             Ensure that all your friends and family members who are eligible register as voters. Every vote counts.

3.              Identify your polling area and state election boundaries.

4.              Identify how and where you and as many of your friends as you can gather and work together with want to be active. The opposition needs all the activists and supporters they can get to change the government. Change will not take place without effort. Each and every effort counts.

5.              Do not leave everything only to the political parties or their candidates – they may be overstretched and have insufficient resources. Volunteer your effort where necessary.

6.           These are a few areas you can be active in without having to be a member of any political party:

a.   Information – disseminate information through the various media available to you: the internet, newspapers, tv & radio, leaflets, pamphlets, newsletters, email, weblogs, etc. Translate where necessary.

b.   Get organized. Organize small groups of activists and supporters in each voting area or district with defined objectives. Every effort counts.

c.   Train as polling agents and counting agents – these are absolutely necessary and needed during the actual voting -and make yourselves known to the potential opposition candidates and parties who will be contesting in the areas where you can be active. Coordinate efforts.

d.   Get hold of the electoral roll (list of voters) for particular areas so that you know where and on whom to concentrate your efforts. Get to know and influence as many other voters as you can.

e.   Pool together resources and money for your own and your group’s activities or donate to the opposition candidates. They need all the resources and money they can get. Every sen counts.

7.              Ensure you have all the necessary permits for various activities during the election campaign, whether to campaign, speak, put up posters and banners or become polling or counting agents. Each candidate will be able to assist you in this.

8.              Do not be intimidated by BN’s machinery and propaganda. They depend on the voters to win. The opposition depends on the voters to win. Educate the voters.

9.               Do not be intimidated by BN’s use of money and projects to bribe the voters. Drum the message into the voters’ heads and hearts to take the money and vote against BN.

10.         Get together and form defences in each voting area, kampong and longhouse. Intimidate BN instead. Do not allow them any room to manouever and spread their propaganda or money. Put up prominent warning signs that action according to the law will be taken against any attempt by BN to intimidate voters or use money to bribe voters.

11.          If you are daring enough and have the numbers on your side, keep an eye on their agents, ambush them and take this money away from them. Use it for your own campaign activities. They will not dare to lodge any police reports because they will have to explain what they are doing with so much money during election time.

12.          Keep an eye on those who will be distributing money on behalf of BN and conducting activities which constitute electoral offences. Photograph, record and videotape them in action. This will not only intimidate them, but can also be used in court in the event of an election petition.

13.   Keep a sharp eye on all government officials and Election Commission staff, who will normally be up to no good during the whole of the election period. They will use government staff, machinery, equipment, vehicles, even helicopters to campaign for BN. Catch them in action on camera and video camera. This time make sure they cannot do so as freely as they have done in the past.

14.   Organize and mobilize transport of all forms, motorbikes, cars, vans, buses, not just for campaign purposes but also on the crucial voting days, to transport voters to and from the voting centres. Make sure that the voters turn out to cast their vote for the right candidates.

15.    Voters sympathetic to the opposition may not like it, but  in the event the opposition cannot supply enough transport, make sure that they use transport supplied by BN and still vote for the opposition.

16.   All these things need to be ORGANIZED. Do not take anything for granted or leave it to chance or think that someone else, especially the candidates and their party machinery, is doing it. YOU and your friends have to do it.  
17.    Add to these points. All ideas are welcome.

18.         Every victory against evil has a tipping point, and that tipping point could be you. Do not under-estimate your own strength.

19.   Do not expect any rewards or compensation from the political parties and their candidates. Victory against Taib and BN is reward in itself.

20.         Good luck! Allah does not change the fate of people unless they themselves make an effort to change for the better. May your efforts bear fruit and result in the overthrow of the evil Taib and BN regime for your own sake and that of your future generations.


Anonymous said...

What a lame list you have there..Do remember your people also will use some money to buy the voters vote..

harpy said...

Malaysians, resolve not to remain a slave. If you feel the bribe money Barisan Neraka gives is illegal, take it and use it or donate it towards destroying these devils. Argentina has just jailed a dicator for life. S Korea and Taiwan have jailed some of their presidents.

Al Tugauw said...

Anon, you may think it is a lame list, well, you are entitled to your opinion. It is simple things like this that can sink Taib and the BN in the coming state elections. Those in the opposition who attempt to use money in the same way as the BN does, to buy votes, may find it back-fires on them as it will on the BN.

piyatidoria said...

pimpinan PKR Sarawak udah lagik nak berebut jadi Ketua. Cuba baca list dan panduan ya..tok adalah utk kebaikan semua org. Sarawak.....present, clear & danger

the end said...

ppl in sarawak are ignorant...they are stupid ppl and don give a shit...all they care is themselves.this is why west malaysians laugh at sarawakians.

new generation youngsters are the imbeciles.....prices raises,fuel raises,food raises and they don even friends don read the newspaper they don know the goverment is cheating them and whenever u discuss politics to them they would just stay away from you.

its pathetically stupid to see a huge state full of resources so slow in technology and don even get me started with the job oppurtunities and the people in sarawak are fucking rich for being a cheaters to their employees and cheating ppl.its sad to see ppl act so childish and stupid.i guess sarawak is doomed as long as sarawakians behave this way.they need to change their mentality...the goverment is spoiling the 1malay...only giving them rights and what the fuck is up with the malay rights??? not a racist but the racist came from the sort of ppl who condemn multiracial by saying 1malay-in-asia....there is no justice as long as these bastards are in control.

i am a registered voter and i always rule out BN since day one even though i am a bumiputra....but i don see justice in this country.if this keeps up i will need to migrate....

Anonymous said...

It's good you highlight the 20 points of concern in the coming State Election. I wish to draw your attention to Points 6 (c) and 13 to counter the often quoted irregularities committed by EC. It's extremely vital for Pakatan to train as many as polling agents and staff to ensure a fair election. One area most observers fail to highlight are the tens of thousands Dayak/Iban who work in Peninsular Malaysia as well as overseas, may have some difficulty to rush back to vote.

Anonymous said...

"the end" I agree with you entrely. For so many years we have all been cheated by BN, now there is a chance for us to topple them but look at PKR- want to contest in 40 seats!!! Can they win? Why so greedy?
We should all vote our local parties SNAP and some DAPs for the town seats they will be in control.
So much has been stolen to fatten the racists in the West, we should ask for 50% of the oil royalty or even 100% and then if they want money they can come and ask from us.
We should take back Bintulu Port and make it controlled by the State. All the oil and gas activities should be reverted back to the State too.
Can we do it???
I'll keep close watch, if it's done, I will tell you my plan how we could developed ourselves and be better than them.
No more a slave!