Friday, October 8, 2010

Allah Has Spoken! Time To Hound Taib Out Of Sarawak!

This is probably the greatest "natural" disaster to hit Sarawak for as long as anyone can remember, and the root cause of it is none other than Taib, his family and their timber robber baron cronies' greed.

They certainly didn't expect this. What have environmentalists and concerned citizens been saying all this while? Taib and his cronies haven't been listening! They have been too busy raping the forests and the Penans and other natives as well and chasing them off their land while making BILLIONS for themselves! And they thought they could get away with it!

Well folks, the time has come! Allah has spoken and unleashed a "natural" disaster the likes of which has never before been seen in Sarawak! And the responsibility for this disaster is plain and clear for the whole world to see. The evidence has jammed up the Rejang river and threatens to cause greater damage as it moves inexorably downstream.

Taib and his timber robber barons as well as all those responsible for building the Bakun Dam should be roped to these timber logs and sent downstream with the deluge.

At the very least, now is the time to hound them all out of Sarawak! Give no quarter! Then go after them and all the rakyat's assets which they have stolen and hidden away overseas. Even that might not be enough to compensate for the damage caused by the calamity which is now unfolding before our very eyes.

Anyone still left supporting Taib and his cronies and the BN regime after this is certifiably insane and should be deprived of his right to vote or to hold any office. That includes you, Najib!

See also The Star "River disaster hits Sarawak" and Hornbill Unleashed "Log-jammed river disaster unfolding in Sarawak - Now in Sibu!".


papayuk said...

Even God is angry at Taib,what more are the people.Doesn't he realise that he is in the winter of his life?
His bomoh cannot foresee,the calamity,that are and will come,for they are never divinely ordained to receive ,less so to exercise this divine rights.Their acquired knowledge is futile against innate knowlege,which is infinite and all compassing.
So Taib,YOU ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS DISASTER,OWN IT AND PAY IT.That is what Sarawakian demand and expect from yopu.

Anonymous said...

One can't help but believe that this is divine intervention. This is God's message to Taib and his timber robbers that He's listening to the people and the environment cry for help. May these thieves rot in hell soon.

Anonymous said...

And stupid Sarawakians will still buy the spin these leeches and bloodsuckers make.Hey stupid stupid Sarawak people maybe you deserve all these and worse.Sibu was full of timber tycoons,most of them dont stay there now either overseas or whatever now you reap what they sow.
Now sit back and watch the show to come the lies the fingerpointing and again the sickening naive submissive pawing of the running dogs.


Anonymous said...

Well ELECTION is coming, will you be able to warn the folks???
Beware of the power of $, sweet talks ala threats, no speed-boats or transport for the opposition….. or BLACKOUTS just as the ballot boxes are to be opened and got counted!
Rural folks’ weaknesses; Don’t be surprised if BN (Taib) wins with landslides again!
You have a lot of work to do to prevent that happens!
The next election will be a DIRTY one. Jaby, Masing, Mawan George Chan will have a lot to answer for misleading the public and aiding thief Minister to steal so much out of Sarawak.
They have control over the press. Have you got any strategy to bu-pass this?

Nising Dani said...

Tabi sereta minta lalu

I have commented on the budget, and how it affects Sarawak and the Dayak community in particular. Click on this link to read further:

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

hai friends. what make u so angry. kan tuhan tu kaya lebih mengatahui. not worth ur sin.

Tbsbidayuh said...

I think ahh. we should blame on the farmer who cut down the trees for paddy planting.

Anonymous said...

Extract, what do you say?
Budget: Paltry sum for Sabah and Sarawak (18.10.2010)
Despite the vast contributions Sabah and Sarawak make to the national economy, the federal government's "petty" allocation of only RM9.55 billion for development projects in the two states is unjustified, opposition parliamentarian Tony Pua says.
Mr. Hunter, what would you say; RM5bil for a stupid 100 storey tower vs RM9.5bil for 2 entire states? How stupid!
Since Mahatir’s time, you become a fixed deposit to be forgotten except when interest is due.
Despite all these, the voters of Sarawak and Sabah WILL still vote BN to power. They deserve what they experience now, thanks to their stupity.

Anonymous said...

We should learn from Kosovo how to gain our independence.
Just like Kosovo gained their independence from Serbia, Our Sarawak MP should vote for our independence too.

So our Sarawak MP should listen to the Rakyat and vote for Independence.
Yes we will be independence very soon....YES WE CAN

Anonymous said...

Just curious where is Sulaiman Taib now. Out of sight for sometime.

tsunami final asshole said...

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