Saturday, July 31, 2010

Masing Lies In Futile Bid To Defend His Lord Taib

Dr James Masing The Liar
"Masing 'the good storyteller' fails to defend the indefensible Taib"

By Apang and John Riwang

So James anak Masing was in England, accompanying his white-haired lord Taib Mahmud. Taib had been whacked during this overseas trip, and so we made an interesting discovery, via Bernama, that James Masing is a great storyteller himself.

No matter how our cynical minds work, we are sure we aren’t the only ones to expect James Masing be the first to jump to Taib’s defense, following his lord’s unceremonious entrance and exit at Oxford University.

Since Taib is someone who is often spoilt with grand entrances and exits wherever he goes, with no shortage of boys and girls with wagging tails rushing to kiss his hand, we hope that he managed to keep his blood pressure under control. Or at least that he managed to endure the slight dent to his ego.

As usual, Bernama had to put out something to counter the humiliation that Taib and his entourage must have felt in Oxford. After all, protestors had reminded him that although he could conveniently sneak out of the state, he certainly couldn’t escape his atrocious deeds.

We knew Masing would come to the fore to defend Taib. In his interview with Bernama, he tried desperately to express some rather banal rhetoric about being ready to engage with NGOs on the “Penan issue” (and as a storyteller, he tried his level best).

Unfortunately for Masing, his pathetic argument about the protestors being “influenced by commodity producers like soybean and rapeseed which compete with palm oil in the export market” turned him into an inept clown with the (dis)ability to spin great stories.

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Anonymous said...

To be a successful man and earn your place in history you must have a sense of history and a sense of shame.Ramalx

Anonymous said...

What Masing does and behaves are no difference from hundreds of other PBB/BN cronies did over their 40 odd years rule in Sarawak. The froggies jumped from one BN party to another like changing clothes. It's just for the sake of a few DUN seats. What have the Dayak community benefited from all these games?