Thursday, June 12, 2008

BN Can Be Wiped Out In Sarawak

Sarawakians, please vote at Sarawak Headhunter on What's Next For Sarawakians:

At present 309 people have voted and the results are as follows:

PKR 129 (41%)
BN 15 (4%)
New Sarawak Party 56 (18%)
DAP 29 (9%)
Other State Opposition Party 5 (1%)
Independence 75 (24%)

Based on these preliminary results, it would appear that voters for New Sarawak Party and Independence are almost the same (42%) as for PKR (41%). If DAP at the State level does not go together with PKR but instead with NSP and Independence then they will have exactly 51% or 52% if Other State Opposition Parties are counted together.

PKR together with DAP gets 50% but does that get them enough seats, bearing in mind the heavy rural weightage in terms of number of seats but with much lower numbers of voters?

It would also appear that amongst the anti-BN forces, only 41% are attracted to PKR, while 18% would prefer a New Sarawak Party and 24% Independence.

But together the combined anti-BN forces can gather 96%.

The question is how to get them all to work together.

If all these elements can work together, it will be possible to completely wipe out BN in Sarawak.

Sarawakians, the future is in your own hands.

Make your vote "X" count!


gundam said...

sarawakians...wake up!! independence is the only choice out there...we can be as good as if not better than singapore if we unleash our full potential!!! pkr or anything is hopeless as long as we r in malaya....

sahari said...

Independence is out of question. Those who advocate this are either too naive or dreamers.The problem at present is DAP or PKR leaders are too egoistic and out of touch with reality. PKR and DAP cannt go it alone. PBB or State BN knows this and they will try whatever ways to make
coperation between the two unworkable. My conclusion is in the next coming state election state BN will retain power.If the two parties still cannot work together than they should be satisfied to remain as opposition parties in the state for the coming years.

Anonymous said...

Have you actually counted how many registered voters are there actually in Sarawak as against 246 who polled at your blog. Those who vote at your blog may be your regular visitors who log in day out. Once he visits your blog he would cast his vote. The next day he logs in again he would also cast the vote and vote for the same party. How to you really rectify this? This is worse than phantom votes that the PKR and also DAP is complaining year in and year out, and yet they were the one who benefited from the election process.

In the final analysis, I doubt whether DAP and PKR would be able to form the next state government. Why do I say that, PBB which is controlling the Malay-Melanau areas are still very strong. PKR will not be able to make any inroad in any of the Malay-Melanau seats. They have tried in every election, none of their candidates have won. Anwar Ibrahim does not need to tell what is good for the Malays and the Muslim. If PKR win the question I would like to ask is who will be the Chief Minister of Sarawak? Hafsah Harun, she is a gine case. Dominique Ng - will the majority of the people of Sarawak who have ruled the state for all these years allow this to happen? Wong Ho Leng - Dominique Ng will tell Ho Leng over his dead body. PKR and DAP in Sarawak are all at logger head. PKR may win in one of the Bidayuh seats may be in Bengoh. Because now SUPP President is going to replace the incumbent and the Bidayuh in Bengoh really don't want the lousy representative. But it is just an interim measure. After SUPP lost, the election boundry may be change and may not be called Bengoh but another Bidayuh name.

In Iban areas, basically it will all be the same. The Iban are happy they have more representative in the Federal Cabinet now, with DOuglas from PBB as full Minister, Jeliang, Joseph Entulu and Joseph Salang (the 3 J) as deputy ministers.

The only constituency where PKR can have an impact to me is Lubok Antu because now Datuk Dublin is critically ill. But even then the PKR candidate Nicholas Bawin would have difficult time to campaign.

Let us not jump the gun. We cannot based the result of Sarawak poll or election on 246 people who voted in Al Tugauw blog. I may be wrong, but as a guy who mix wilth people from different walks of life including Ministers, academicians, civil servants, factory workers, construction workers and the grass roots I am inclined to believe that PKR will not make any impact in Sarawak politics. You may believe in Anwar Ibrahim, but do you want Sarawak to be like Sabah, being controlled by a West Malaysian party or being colonised yet again by West Malaysian.

Posted by Penyamun Tarbus

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Jabu's most visionary (but ridiculously no-brainer) ideas so far:

10. Buah Kepayang is the next golden fruit and should be commercialised big-scale. Cynide paste should be traded at RM5000/ metric tonne. Cynide Futures trading from Bursa soon.
9. Ikan Terubok rearing using kelambu for large-scale project to avoid extinction. Ever heard of high-tensile PVC aqua netting?
8. Tricycle subsidy for rural Dayak folks as alternative transport. Donkeys, Ilamas should be an optional upgrade. Hee-Haa!
7. Santubong bridge is ok! The hairline cracks should be no worry. ( err..sweat! ::) Declared safe by a non qualified engineer or maybe self-declared engineer Ir.Jabu? Anyway, it's a world's first.
6. "State JKR better than federal JKR in handling govt projects." His theme song enthuastically repeated for 2007 all year round. DAMA 2008 Song Of The Year nominee.
5. MRSM Betong college marks the sleepy ghost town Betong as the next education hub. Expect the formation Faculty of Nyabungology and Tuakology. Another world's first.
4. "My new Camry got no good battery." (It's a gift car/ numpang car shh! so he just leave it for 2 weeks, cannot start and eventually stall.) That's Toyota Camry Numpang Limited Edition.
3. My wifey got senator, now that's what we called symbolic appointment. Passed a bill at Dewan Negara that declared munching 'sugis'/ tobacco is legal and mandatory at any longhouse.
2. NCR land systematically grabbed (read:Salcra) for palm oil is good, good, good!
1. Dayaks to be united under Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak soon? Parai kitai! Akai, akai, akai!

James anak Bond said...

To Al Tugauw and Mr Anonymous,

Please find your spat in our "breakfast show with the Four Horsemen". I believe some matters concerning poll in is explained there. We also have reproduced your comment. What for? Well, if anything, to make it looks presentable to even Sarawak kids. LOL

Hope you two like it.

Btw, Al, I have voted for BN (*wink)

gundam said...

obviously sahari is someone who do not dream.

Anonymous said...

We Sarawakian never trust people of Malaya! get out from Sarawak!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you don't cast caution to the wind!

There's little to gain to WIPE out BN. If anything, very many people want to build on a "NEW DEAL". By remaining even in small numbers, they'll be in rags by the time this change works itself up. That may be good or bad. But there is hope even in the beaten, that they'll too, embrace this change. And Wallah! There'll be more good for the future.

Then, we'll be talking real business and our kids future! Less lies, hypocrisy and cheating...! More growing ...!

In any case, it's very dicey to deal with a wounded and cornered lion!

Malaysia Digest said...


I think your poll data cannot be use seriously. Why ? Because, we know that the majority or 99% of visitors to your blog are anti-BN. So obviously, BN supporter participating in your poll is very little.

In addition, there are also a lot of BN supporters at the villages that cannot access your blog to make the poll due to absence of electricity and phone line.

But I do wish your poll result will come out the same when the next actual election come ... grin ...

Malaysia Digest

Denny said...


There is no point shouting for changes if we/you (y)ourselves does not know what/where are the alternative solution.

Let us firstly work on this alternative solution and then called out... either to form a new group or coalition; whichever make sense.

This is a general call to Sarawakian, (and Sarawak Headhunter )to organize/rally for this effort,
to define the priority of Sarawak and how the state can move forward, regardless if we are Malaysian or sarawakian....

Who is up for this ?

Tuyang said...

I will stand up for Sarawakians..Taib era will end soon..

No BN,.Its' Independent Party will rule..